Game Preview: Glitch’s Trip & Arrow Heads

Continuing the trend of previewing awesome titles that I was able to get my hands on at PAX East 2017, I’ve two more games I’d like to share with you Bros here. Without further ado, let’s hop right into the good stuff! Glitch’s Trip (PC, This twin-stick shooter/platformer tasks the player trying to reach the end… Read More Game Preview: Glitch’s Trip & Arrow Heads

Game Preview: Crossing Souls & Pato Box

WHAT UP INTERNET?! The absolute best part of going to Cons such as PAX is getting hands-on time with soon-to-be released titles and getting to discuss the development process with those who make them. Two games which caught my eye and piqued my interest are previewed at length below for your reading pleasure! Crossing Souls (PC,… Read More Game Preview: Crossing Souls & Pato Box

Game Preview: Graceful Explosion Machine

WHAT UP INTERNET?! I was fortunate enough to get some hands-on time with the soon-to-be-released Graceful Explosion Machine (Nintendo Switch, at PAX East 2017, and I vehemently believe it’s a game best described (in my retro, old-gamer head) as a mix of Lifeforce and the Gummy ship from Kingdom Hearts. Both of those references too obscure,… Read More Game Preview: Graceful Explosion Machine