Who are TruBros?


-Disclaimer: From here on out the use of the word “Bro” on this site is not intended as a gender distinction. It is used as a term of endearment and a title which is to be earned, whether it be through doing solids, being chill or just being around when needed. You can be a Bro if you’re young, old, male, female, whatever-

Allow myself to introduce….myself. I’m Merlin Chico and I’m the founder of this here blog. I’m a gamer, lover of NerdLife, blogger (as if you couldn’t have guessed!), streamer, fitness n00b, connoisseur of the illustrious ConLife and all around Bro. Here’s the deal-this blog is called TruBros but it’s a one man show. You’re probably wondering, “what’s the deal?” The deal is everything-gaming, conventions, watching shows, working out-everything is better when you’re with your Bros.  If you’re crazy enough to take the time to read this blog (and big up yourself if you do), shoot me a tweet, leave a comment or hop on my stream, I appreciate it. I also want you to know you’ve got a Bro in me, hence the name of this blog. We’re all Bros and we’re all into various aspects of NerdLife.

The one things Bro do for each other is have one another’s back, whether it’s out on the virtual battlefield or when you’re braving the streets. Over the years I’ve played a lot of games and I’ve hit up more than my fair share of cons, so any time I can offer up some words of “wisdom” you can bet I’ll be dropping them on here. I’m all about playing games with couch co-op enabled because sometimes your Bros don’t have the best internet. I’m also all about getting my hands on exclusives, regardless if they’re from a convention or just marketed as such. If you’ve ever got a question about a game or con you think I might be able to answer, hit me up!


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