Best indie games of PAX South 2019

Young Souls (PC, 1P2P Studio)

Young Souls is an RPG dungeon crawler where a single player can either control both characters or a second player can join in at any time. The eye-popping aesthetics are absolutely gorgeous and I love how enemies, the characters and environment pop against the various background. As a side-scrolling title movement is quick-something essential when dealing with multiple enemies at once or when going through the platforming sections. The variety of attacks at the player’s disposal felt varied and unique between various melee, ranged and “special” attacks. As a dungeoun crawler with heavy RPG elements, players can can constantly upgrade their equipment, so combat always feels fresh and responsive but also very easy to pick up.

Each dungeon only lasted about five minutes so it had a nice, arcade-style “jump in and get to the action” feeling. Young Souls feels like Streets of Rage or any other side scrolling beat ‘em up game, but with heavy RPG elements which ensures the action  never gets stale. If you’re a fan of co-op, RPG or dungeon crawlers with arcade style action, Young Souls should be on your radar.

Blazing Chrome (PC, JoyMasher)

I’m an old school gamer-I honed my reputation as the com-killer and AI slayer on games such as ContraLife Force and Metal Slug and continue to dominate tough-as-nails games such as Cuphead with ease. Blazing Chrome takes the punishing difficulty, quick-reflex style gameplay and fast-paced action and tosses in a healthy amount of style and attitude. While the difficulty alone may be daunting for some, I’ve always been a fan of tight controls, athletic movement, varied enemy and gun types and quick speed. Blazing Chrome moves faster than each of the aforementioned classics but never feels too fast, so it’s designed for gamers who crave an old-school challenge.

If you’re a fan of games that are easy to pick up but difficult to master, have a distinctly retro vibe and deliver fast and frantic action in spades, Blazing Chrome is right up your alley…and of course, it has co-op.

Super Cane Magic Zero (PC, StudioEvil)

I’m a big fan of quirky humor as long as it’s tied to an intriguing narrative; a formula I personally have only seen The Behemoth titles such as Castle Crashers, Pit People and Battleblock Theater deliver on…until I came across Super Cane Magic Zero. This game mixes exploration with quick action and has a heavy dose of narrative-while I was drawn in due to the zany humor and aethetics, I stayed because the combat felt solid and I loved how easy to pick up it was. My only complaint about the title was the movement felt a little too slow for me-the exact same complaint I had with Castle Crashers-however after about five minutes with the title I picked up a combat roll and spammed it like I do in every other game I play.

Super Cane Magic Zero is a quirky, narrative-driven title with solid combat and after only a couple minutes, I wanted to spend more time in this world. If you like off-the-wall humor and traversing a unique world with a second person, you’ve got a unique RPG on your hands you don’t want to miss out on.

Don’t Give Up: A Cynical Tale (PC, TacoPizzaCat Games)

Don’t Give Up: A Cynical Tale feels as if Undertale and Earthbound had a baby and it came out just as sarcastic, hilarious and with as good a soundtrack as you’d expect. This single player RPG absolutely oozes style and follows an introverted game developer on a journey mixing the mundane with the grandoise..and who has to order pizza and meet friends. This title has everything going for it: easy to understand movement and combat, a killer story I couldn’t wait to know more about, very unique combat which includes avoiding attacks and choose the most derisive verbal insult you can hurl at your enemy…if you love intriguing single player RPGs and (like me) believe Earthbound and/or Undertale to be some of the greatest games ever made, you’ll be hooked after only a couple minutes with Don’t Give Up.

The art style is distinctly retro but very cool and I was instantly drawn to the main character who has to balance being broke and their own inner demons. This potent combination of very unique gameplay and an intriguing narrative are what secured “Don’t Give Up” the TruBros Top Indie Game of PAX South 2019 award. Wear the badge proud, as this will undoubtedly be a game featured in the TwitchGym when it’s released.

Want to see gameplay? Check the video below!


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