Eat Me Guilt Free: Sweet eats to keep you on the Road to Gainzville!

I am constantly looking for healthy snacks I can use as a meal replacement or simply to quell my seemingly insatiable sweet tooth. Over the years I have tried so many protein bars, cookies, brownies, pancakes…most of these so-called “fitness foods” are either so nutritionally dense they are little more than glorified candy bars or they taste like cardboard. Fortunately, about a year ago I discovered an exception to this rule: a company by the name of Eat Me Guilt Free. I’ve ordered from them several times and use their brownies as snacks during the workday or desserts when I need something sweet (which may or may not be nearly every night). This post isn’t sponsored in any way, shape or form-as a result of all the snake oil I see being peddled in the fitness industry, I wanted to share a product I personally purchase regularly with all you fitness fiends out.

The reason I ordered from them in the first place is their marketing is very simple and to the point: solid, great tasting products for those who are conscious of what they put in their body. The CEO is a registered nurse and their ingredient list isn’t hard to pronounce. They’re a small business based out of Florida and whenever we fly into and out of Orlando I always check to see if any of the kiosks have their products in stock. (BONUS: When we flew out for the wedding last month I picked up one of their Vegan AF cookies with my airport coffee!) While I may be a fan of the company, at the end of the day the only thing that matters is their products and I can honestly say I would not be spending my money on their goods if they weren’t worth every penny.

Their brownies are solid-since they aren’t packed with flour and sugar they can be a little on the dry side, but they are the perfect balance of nutritionally solid and great tasting. The copious amounts of protein mean I’m always satisfied after having one so I never end up gorging on sweets (which I will readily admit I’ve done multiple times…). They’ve a wide variety of flavors available so there are always new ones to try and most importantly, everything is nutritionally sound so I never worry when sprinkling them into my diet once or twice a week. While I’ve yet to try any of the mixes, I’m excited to order some soon as I love prepping protein cookies every week here at the TwitchGym. The products taste great, have a texture equitable to what you expect from a brownie/cookie (not too dry or too chewy) and are about as good as you can get from a nutritional/caloric standpoint; there’s no higher praise I can bestow upon Eat Me Guilt Free.

I could use hyperbole to say Oh my God everything’s so good, it’s life changing etc etc but that’s not my style and everyone who frequents this site or the TwitchGym knows that. I made a commitment to all of you to not be extra (hence the lack of an “e” in “TruBros”) and as an NCCA certified personal trainer who has been training for years, runs races regularly and takes pride in being honest and direct, Eat Me Guilt Free is the real deal. You certainly don’t have to try it because I say so, but if you’re serious about your nutrition and workouts and like me you’ve struggled to find prepackaged healthy foods which actually taste good and are protein packed, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t give their products a shot. A cup of lactose free, reduced sugar, extra protein milk and an Eat Me Guilt Free galaxy brownie? My favorite dessert I treat myself to whenever I’m in need of it and I recommend you “treat yo’ self” and try them out.


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