2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Organization/Storage/Tacticool

For the next edition of the TruBros 2018 Holiday Gift Guide we are covering something near and dear to my heart: organization and storage. If you’re shopping for someone who loves backpacking or just ensuring everything is in it’s correct place, look no further than the items below!

Goruck bags ( Approximately $100 – $400)

The best bags on the face of planet Earth are made by Goruck. Period. Everything they produce has a simple, understated look (their products are not covered top to bottom in molle webbing, thank heavens), is incredibly durable and will last you forever. I’ve multiple backpacks, a kit bag and a field pocket of theirs and I could not be happier with them. I use their products whenever I travel: sometimes it’s as a carry on bag, weekend bag or simply to protect my Switch or DS. I’ve slept on them, dropped them in mud and dirty and they still look brand new. Functional and tough as nails. If you’re looking for a bag that will last you for the rest of your days, look no further than Goruck.

Gonex Compression Bags (~$20 for 3-pack)

My secret for living the carry on lifestyle are compression bags. I’ve used so many different compression bags over the years, most either don’t compress particularly well or rip after only a few uses. I raved about how the Gonex compression bags were integral to my packing for our Disney Wedding and Honeymoon and I use them whenever I travel for more than a couple nights. These actually compress whatever you’re packing into them substantially and despite being incredibly thin, they are quite durable. I can’t recommend them enough. 

Tasco XR8 Flashlight (~$25 for 3-pack)

Finware Micro LED (~$10 USD for 5-pack)

Flashlights are an incredibly useful gift-they come in handy way more often than you think but it can be difficult to find ones which work reliably. After a healthy amount of internet sleuthing I picked up these specific flashlights for the house and keychain and they are incredible. The Tasco XR8 (pictured above next to an iPhone 6s Plus for scale) is incredibly durable, has two different beams and is insanely bright-we have multiple scattered all around the house and couldn’t be happier with them. On the keychain we use these Finware Micro LED flashlights and they are compact and incredibly bright. Nothing like being able to see the lock on your door when it’s pitch black outside! Perfect stocking stuffers and an ideal gift for the person on your list who loves being prepared. 

Maxpedition Pouch (~$20 USD)

BONUS: Anker Powerbank (~$30 USD)

It’s 2018 so odds are if you’re heading out for a long day you’re going to be carrying a power bank with you. We’ve had the ones we use for years and there are so many better options available now I’ve linked to the specific power bank I plan to splurge for if we ever lose one-but that’s not the main thing I want to cover. Just like I want to protect my DS and clothes I want to protect my powerbank. To keep myself organized and ensure my powerbank always have the relevant cords within its immediate vicinity, we keep our charging devices in their own Maxpedition pouch. When living the Conlife I tend to attach these directly to my belt loop via carabiner and I’m able to keep my phone charged while running around. Perfect for on the go, at home storage or simply ensuring your powerbanks are protected when you inevitably toss them into your backpack/duffel bag.

Bagsmart Double Layer Travel Organizer (~$30 USD)

If you’re shopping for a frequent traveler odds are they have approximately 87 cords they take with them wherever they go. If they need a single, sleek place to keep all of their cords, batteries and power banks/blocks in order, the Bagsmart double layer travel organizer will keep the job done and then some. Prior to upgrading to this organizer, we’d keep all of our cords and blocks scattered across a couple small pouches-now we’ve got everything in a single place whenever traveling and it looks very sleek and professional. Doesn’t get much better than that.

These are organization items I swear by and they’ll provide incredibly useful to the travel or storage aficionado on your holiday shopping list. Looking for some additional insight? Check out the video below!


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