2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Gaming/Streaming

For the next edition of the TruBros 2018 Holiday Gift Guide I’m giving you suggestions for the gamer, streamer or content content creator on your holiday shopping list. Whether you’re looking to upgrade their gaming experience or ensure the quality of their content is as high as possible, any of the items below are practical and will be sincerely appreciated!

Logitech G105 Gaming Keyboard (~$50 USD)

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse (~$40 USD)

For years I never wanted to upgrade to a gaming keyboard and mouse for my PC-I figured peripherals couldn’t make that big of a difference and considering all the noise big name keyboard and mouse manufacturers make at Cons I go to, I simply brushed everything off as a waste of money. However, I struggled with balancing reloading/interacting/crouching and more when I jumped on the PUBG train so I decided to finally upgrade my mouse and keyboard. Knowing how dang expensive such an upgrade can be I spent time reading reviews on Amazon and multiple gaming/PC websites and the best value I found were the Logitech gaming products I vehemently believe the Logitech G502 is the best gaming mouse you can get in terms of bang for your buck, so much so I did a detailed write up of it earlier this year. In short, if you or the gamers on your holiday shopping list have yet to upgrade to a gaming PC and mouse, you can’t get a much better return on investment than the combo I’ve been using for over a year, the Logitech G105 and G502.

Elgato Green Screen (~ $150 USD)

If the streamer/content creator on your holiday shopping list doesn’t have a green screen, upgrading to one can significantly improve the quality of their productions. During previous jobs I would have to use green screens for all types of video work and they were always a righteous pain because they took up insane amounts of space, were bulky and cumbersome to set up and require crazy amounts of light to work effectively. While the Elgato requires an external light source to work well (more on that below) it takes seconds to set up, is large and is as transportable as a green screen can be. Prior to my moving the room around we would store the green screen under the bed and I would only spend about 60 seconds sliding it out, setting it up and then getting ready to stream. While the Elgato Green Screen certainly isn’t the cheapest green screen option available, the ease of use and compact design makes it unparalleled and the absolute best option on the market.

Razer Kiyo (~ $90 USD)

Logitech C920 (~ $50 USD)

If the gamer on your holiday shopping list doesn’t have a webcam, both of these are fantastic options at different prices. The Logitech C920 is a solid economical option and is very popular in offices and among the streaming community. The Razer Kiyo is nearly twice the price but is capable of outputting very high quality video and has a built in back light. I did a detailed write up of the Kiyo as I believe it’s the best webcam available for all streamers and content creators. I personally used the Logitech C920 for a long time and still believe it to be a great webcam,  I only upgraded to the Razer Kiyo for the additional resolution and built in back light. If you’re looking to gift or upgrade a webcam for the streamer on your list, either of these are solid options.

Ring light and stand (~ $90 USD)

Any streamer or content creator knows the struggle of not having solid light. Light makes everything look better; photo, video content, streams-everything. Ring lights come in different shapes, sizes and in a variety of styles-I only have a single ring light (pictured below) and even though I don’t think the stand is particularly great, having a dedicated light source ensures even passable cameras can make the subject look dang good. I use it dang near every day when creating content and although I wish I’d gone with a slightly smaller option (with a better stand) this has become a staple of my content creation for all platforms. If you or those on your list don’t have a ring light, it’s a worthy investment.

Blue Snowball (~ $45 USD)

Blue Yeti (~ $120 USD)

All content creators and gamers need a high quality microphone-it doesn’t matter how good your photos and videos are or how good a teammate you are: if people can’t hear you clearly, they probably don’t care. The first microphone I used for streaming was the Blue Snowball-it got the job done, had all the settings I needed and has a very unique look. After a few months I upgraded to the Blue Yeti and I could not be happier with the results-so much so when I had to record an interview style podcast for a previous job, I recommended we use two Blue Yeti microphones (after getting the ID modified on one of them) and they delivered perfect results. If the gamer on your holiday shopping list is in need of a high quality microphone, either one of these Blue products are a fantastic option. BONUS: A pop filter makes a great (and economical) addition to both mics!


Gaming headsets can make all the difference in the world from a comfort and gameplay perspective, but they come in so many different styles and prices so it can be difficult to know where to start. We’re going to quickly cover the three different gaming headsets we have here at the TwitchGym-all of which are at different prices-so you can find the one which fits both your budget and the style of those on your holiday shopping list.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO One (~ $70 USD)

The most economical option on our holiday shopping list, the Turtle Beach Ear Force XOs don’t do anything exceptionally well but more importantly they don’t do anything poorly. They don’t offer much in the way of soundblocking and while the sound quality and microphone aren’t the best, the compact design means you can re-position both the ears and mic to suit your needs. We picked these up because we didn’t have a second headset at the time and we both reach for this occasionally to use with both console and PC. The small frame means it’s never obtrusive and so light you never get hot while wearing it during extended marathon gaming sessions. A fantastic option for those with tight funds or who don’t want to invest too heavily in a gaming headset, the Ear Force XO Ones are a solid product which certainly top most pairs of headphones you have laying around your house.

Sennheiser GSP 350 (~ $100 USD)

The headset you see me rocking when the TwitchGym is open, the Sennheiser GSP 350s offer one of the best values money can buy. I did a detailed write up of the Sennheisers because they have a simple look, offer decent soundblocking, are comfortable and give you the ability to control the volume on the right ear. While they are a fantastic headset (as evidenced by my using it every single day) they can get a little uncomfortable for extended marathon sessions as the cushions are a teeny bit stiff and they can get hot if you’re very into the game you’re playing. They are a headset any gamer could benefit from immensely and I love them.

Victrix Pro AF ANC (~ $300 USD)

To put it simply, the Victrix Pro AF ANC headset is absolutely the best headset money can buy. The soundblocking is incredible-not only do they work fantastic straight out of the box with just the cushions, but activating the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) feature means the only thing you’re going to hear is what you’re dialed into, regardless if you’re streaming alone in your room or on stage at an event in front of thousands of spectators. They are robust, durable but somehow still inexplicably light, the mic is the absolute best I’ve ever used on a headset and they even have a feature to quickly release humidity while wearing them. Although the Victrix Pro AF ANCs are not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but if you willing to spend on some high-end equipment you will be walking away with the absolute best gaming headset imaginable (NOTE: Would HIGHLY recommend you purchase these for yourself before anyone else on your list. Hey, no one knows what you want more than you!)

Doesn’t matter if you’re looking to upgrade someone’s gaming experience or their production quality-any of the items on this list can be used not only by gamers and streamers, but by content creators of all kinds. If you’re looking for some additional info feel free to check out the video below!


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