November Favorites

During the month of November we did a hefty amount of traveling-we went to Walt Disney World where it’s always humid for our wedding and then on a 7 day Caribbean cruise where we did tons of beachy things and it was quite chilly at night. As a result all of my November favorites are focused on protection-your skin, your eyes, your hands and your goods. Let’s get right to it!

Jack Black Double Duty (Approx. $28 USD for full size)

Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion (Approx $25 USD for full size)

BONUS: Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (Approx $34 USD for full size)

I briefly mentioned the Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion in the video so wanted to include it here. As far as I can tell it’s the same product as the Clinique for Men Moisturizing Lotion-just comes in a different bottle and in different sizes. I personally use the Jack Black Double Duty moisturizer during the day and it is the best-it smells fantastic, is not greasy at all and is incredibly light. I use the Clinique at night and it has practically no scent, is only a teeny bit greasy (as most moisturizers I’ve found all) but works incredibly well. Both of these kept my skin protected during the wedding and honeymoon and I’m using them near daily now.

Sun Bum Face Stick (Approximately $8 USD)

Body Shop Almond Hand Cream (Approximately $10 USD)

One thing I hate about applying sunscreen to your face is it tends to leave you uber greasy, it smells like a water park (to me, at least) and it comes off when you sweat. The Sun Bum face stick smells like banana Laffy Taffy (seriously), goes on easy and doesn’t leave you feeling too greasy. It’s now the only dedicated sunblock I use on my face when going out for a run or just a day outdoors.

I’m constantly working out and washing my hands yet my hands are always silky smooth-the reason is because I use the Body Shop Almond Hand Cream. Although they’ve other scents available I find them all too overpowering or their texture isn’t as nourishing as the Almond. I use this once a day at night before bed and even after a day of washing dishes, lifting weights, cooking and numerous hand washes I never have to worry about my hands getting too dry. Do yourself a favor and protect your face and hands with this high quality sunscreen and hand lotion!

Earth Pak 20L Dry Bag (Approximately $25 USD and comes with the waterproof phone case)

I’ll admit I was quite skeptical when I ordered this-even though I’d read tons of great reviews I just didn’t think it would work. Glad to say I was absolutely incorrect-the dry bag kept out sand, water and everything else we ran into when we used it-healthy amounts of sunscreen are now (I assume) forever embedded on the exterior, but not one drop of water or a single grain of sand got in. Additionally, I snorkeled with the included waterproof case and the phone was not wet at all when we got out of the ocean. May not be the sexiest items you’ve ever seen but they work exceptionally well and are perfect for days near water.

Sunglasses (Approximately $15 USD)

I love these sunglasses so much I raved about them in the fitness edition of the TruBros 2018 Holiday Gift Guide. They have a classic look, are pretty economical for polarized lenses, keep your eyes protected and come in a variety of different styles-what more could you ask for?

These are my favorite items for the month of November and if you’re looking for additional information, check the video below!


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