2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen

We are BACK with another entry in the TruBros 2018 Holiday gift guide and it doesn’t matter if you’re shopping for someone with Gordon Ramsay level skills or someone whose culinary specialty is cereal: everyone spends some time in the kitchen. I’ve compiled a list of gifts below which run the gambit of use case and price and if you’re looking for both a thoughtful and practical gift, look no further than the below!

Ninja Coffee Bar (Approximately $150 USD)

BONUS: Spoon rest (pictured below)

If you’ve got some serious cash to spend this holiday season and the coffee drinker on your list doesn’t already have the Ninja Coffee Bar I suggest you immediately begin comparison shopping between Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, Target and all the other big retailers. The Ninja Coffee Bar is a coffee lover’s dreaming, make both regular and iced coffee quickly and it has some advanced features for making specialty coffees I’ve never even used. It comes with a handy recipe book, brews in a variety of sizes and anyone who has come to our house and had a regular cup of joe agrees it makes our cheap, store-brand coffee taste absolutely amazing. If you’ve got a big budget and want to completely change someone’s life, spring for the full Ninja Coffee Bar.

(NOTE: Yes, we also have a Keurig Vue someone gave us as a gift…and I drink G-Fuel dang near every day. We’re caffeine addicts)

Disney Mugs & Fangamer Mugs or HEB Kodi Tumblers (Approximately $10 – $40 USD)

If they people on your list can’t go without the caffeine fix but you want to stay on budget, travel tumblers and special or personalized coffee mugs are a fantastic gift giving option. Whether you’re on the market for something cute, stylish or sentimental, you can always find a design which matches the personality of the recipient-and even if for some crazy reason they don’t love what you give them, coffee mugs and travel tumblers are perfect for white elephants/re-gifting!

Blu Apple (Approximately $15 USD)

When I first heard about the Blu Apple, I thought it was all talk-no way there’s an item so cheap and so small which actually extends the life of the fruits and vegetables you keep in the fridge…but I have never been so happy to be all types of wrong. The Blu Apple is tiny and genuinely works-we’ve been keeping them in the fridge for nearly two years and I never have to worry about my grapes, celery or carrots going bad in just a couple days. If you’re looking for a practical stocking stuffer that is incredibly useful, pick up a few pairs of Blu Apples (for them and you!).


Pampered Chef Pizza Stone (Approximately $50 USD)

Have a baker on your list, or maybe just someone who only bakes protein cookies and for some reason always burns their bottoms (guilty as charged..)? Odds are they’re baking with an old cookie sheet which is no longer up to snuff. Upgrade their baking arsenal with a pizza stone like the one below and the crust on pizzas, cookies and whatever else people bake (I only make pizza and cookies) will come out dang near perfect every single time. We used to own both a pan for pizzas and multiple cookie sheets-we got rid of those and this pizza stone is now all we use. I thought my darling was crazy when she wanted it and now I can’t imagine baking without it.

Silicone Spatula set (Approximately $10 – $30 USD)

Another gift which are criminally underrated in my opinion are silicone spatulas. The inexperienced culinary crafters may be using metal utensils and damaging their cookware-the experienced cooks may wear the ones they own quickly. Nothing wrong with getting a cheap set and adding in as a stocking stuffer!


Instant Pot (Approximately $100 USD)

Finally, the end-all, be-all of kitchen appliances: the Instant Pot. A rice cooker, slow cooker, pressure cooker and so much more, the Instant Pot replaces numerous devices in your kitchen. Although it looks daunting, once you get the hang of using it or you know, just read the instruction manual, (Full disclosure: I just google recipes and “how to cook X in Instant Pot” when trying a new dish) it’s as easy to use as a microwave. Although they can be pricey they go on sale regularly-we picked ours up for around $55 during a Prime Day sale a year or two ago and haven’t looked back since!

As with the Fitness edition of the TruBros Holiday Gift Guide, my goal isn’t to necessarily tell you what to buy, but to give you ideas for unique, kitchen-related gifts you may not have considered previously. Want to see some more? Check the video below!


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