2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness

As the Gainz of Twitch I know a thing or two about what fitness fiends find useful and/or have on their holiday wish list. In an effort to help you find the perfect gift for those on your holiday shopping list who are on the Road to Gainzville, I’ve compiled a list of multiple gifts at various prices that will not only be sure to put a smile on their face but will also fit your budget!

Sweatbands/Headbands (For all fitness fiends, but mostly runners/those obsessed with cardio. Approximately $10 USD)

These headbands/sweatbands are simple and have a distinct retro vibe…mostly because you don’t see too many people wearing sweatbands anymore. All of those runners who don’t wear headbands are suckers-I know, because I was one for years. Not having to wipe your brow constantly during long runs is a godsend and there are so many different headbands/sweatbands available you’re bound to find something which matches their personality. If you can’t see them wearing any kind of headband, grab them one of these classic ones and tell them to just give it a shot; odds are you’ll completely change their gainz sessions!

Flipbelt and Flipbelt water bottles (For the runner. Belt approximately $25 USD and bottles approximately $10 USD. Also sold at Bed Bath & Beyond)

Took me a long time to find the perfect belt for running-most have too much bounce, sag too much on one side or are just plain uncomfortable-the Flipbelt is the end all, be all to holding your keys/gels/phone and your bluetooth headphones when you’re going out on a run. They come in multiple colors and sizes and two different size water bottles are available if you know you’re going to need to carry your own hydration when going out for a run. It is hands down the best running belt I’ve ever used-I’ve been wearing it near daily for years and have used it for multiple races. Can’t recommend it enough.

BlenderBottle and water bottle (For all fitness fiends. Approximately $10-$25 USD. Available at multiple retailers for different prices. Bed Bath & Beyond and Academy Sports are cheapest I’ve seen in person)

Pretty much every fitness fiend uses BlenderBottles-if you’re going to pick one up I’d recommend you get one that comes with the portable containers for powders-they are a fantastic resource and typically don’t cost much more than buying the bottle on its own. For water bottles, there are so many different options available you’re bound to find something that fits their personality.

Bluetooth earbuds/headphones (For all fitness fiends. Approximately $25 USD)

Bluetooth headphones are the most vital piece of equipment most of my clients cling to (apart from their clothes for working out) and I have had this pair for over two years and they are still going strong. Although I seldom use them more than once a week now (due to my preferences for running without music) they are comfortable and come with multiple size earbuds so you can find a comfortable fit!

Sunglasses (Fishing sunglasses) (Approximately $15 USD. Fishing sunglasses are typically $5-$20 USD in sporting goods section at Wal-mart and/or Academy)

Everyone needs sunglasses; the people who complete their gains sessions outdoors tend to go through sunglasses like candy since they can slip off quite easily. If you’re wanting to purchase someone on your gift list a pair of sunglasses and don’t want to break the bank, I recommend you get them a pair of fishing sunglasses or the swanky pair linked above-not only do they look killer but they’ll keep your eyes safe!

Fitness wearables (Apple Watch Series 2 and Fitbit Versa) (Approximately $300 for Apple Watch and $200 for Fitbit. On sale regularly and available at multiple retailers such as Bed Bath &Beyond where coupons are available!)

Didn’t include a picture of the wearables because we all know what they look like. There are so many different styles available at different prices you’re bound to find a perfect one for the gainz obsessed on your shopping list. Although it needs to be charged nearly every night, I’m a big fan of my Apple Watch Series 2, although I’ll readily admit I pretty much only use it for the sleek integration with RunKeeper. I didn’t see the need of spending extra money and getting the Series 3-battery life is similar and the only added feature was the Inspector Gadget-esque using your watch to answer calls, which I certainly do not need.

This guide isn’t intended to tell you which specific items to buy, but to provide ideas for those of you who are unfamiliar with what fitness fiends are hoping to see under the tree/in their stocking. Looking for some additional ideas/want to see more? Check the video below!


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