Disney Packing List (Disney Cruise and Wedding!!)

As a self-proclaimed expert when it comes to packing for trips, I was excited to prepare for a three-night visit to Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Resort for our wedding followed by a seven-night Disney Cruise Line Very Merrytime Bahamian cruise. Aside from getting to spend the rest of my life with my best friend, I was quite enthralled with the challenge of having to pack for an event which requires so many outfit changes and essentials. While I’m typically team carry-on only when it comes to flying, given the significance of this event I decided to check two suitcases to ensure we’d have more than enough space to secure everything needed for the trip of a lifetime!

For this trip I used both my TravelPro Crew 11 29 and 25 inch suitcases, along with my trusty GoRuck GR2 as my carry-on.


The actual packing list I used is uploaded at the bottom of this page next to the video, however here is everything I packed (not including the travel documents as those just slide into the backpack) for the trips:

Multiple t-shirts to rock while at Disney and abroad

Various collared shirts for use with my suits and a polo to look somewhat presentable while attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom


Multiple pairs of shorts and swim trunks to work on the tan while cruising


So many pairs of socks and under garments


Two suits, the wedding dress and two extra dresses for her for fancy dinners


A box holding three bottles of champagne


Various odds and ends: toiletries, hoodies, shoes, mementos, paper towels, etc


The real secret to getting everything to fit-as well as securing any potentially breakable items-is the Gonex compression bags. You can fit a surprising amount of clothing in them and once they are fully compressed they take up about half the space they would otherwise. The only drawback of using them is whatever’s inside tends to get wrinkled, but stuff it with socks/shorts/other items you don’t mind having wrinkled and they are a valuable resource for maximizing space.


While the compression bags are the secret to getting tons of clothes into a space they have no business fitting into, what keeps me organized is a packing list printout I customize for cons such as PAX and SDCC, races and beach/destination trips. I’ll attach the one I used specifically for the Wedding and Disney Cruise to this line.

If you’re curious to see how I was able to pack everything on the list above in just a pair of suitcases and a carry-on backpack, check out the video below!


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