Nerdy Halloween Costume Ideas for Every Budget!

Ladies and gentleman, it is OFFICIALLY Spoopy Season! I am here to give you some nerdy Halloween costume ideas for a variety of budgets-from the thrift shop to professional-grade. If you want to keep your Nerdlife card maxed out, look no further than this list:

Thrift Shop Budget  (<~$20)

Your local thrift/consignment/resell shop normally has everything you need to throw together a killer DIY costume dripping with Nerd cred. Both costumes below were assembled for less than $20 (excluding Sonic Screwdriver and including sunglasses) and can be used for either Halloween OR for attending Comic-Cons!


Etsy Budget (~$50)

Etsy is a fantastic resource for unique and off-the-wall pieces. For a grand total of ~ $50 (gloves included), I was able to get the exact mask I wanted for one of my favorite characters of all time; the king of emails himself, Strongbad!



Store bought budget (~$100)

Anyone who lives in a large metropolitan area knows by August in certain places of town you see abandoned storefronts converted to Halloween superstores. While these stores contain a plethora of nerdy costumes, they can be expensive and the vary from one item to a next can vary wildly. After checking out the quality of this Assassin’s Creed costume, I opted to drop around $100 on it. It’s served me well and has held up, but be sure to thoroughly inspect any store-bought costumes before investing!



Pro-grade / Assembled ($125+)

I’ll be the first person to tell you-I am by no means a professional cosplayer. I’m a runner, gamer and certified personal trainer who is all about games and gainz. That being said, there are times even I want to assemble a costume which I believe looks authentic and is unique. For this specific Slade Wilson from Arrow outfit I went to a local military surplus store and picked up a variety of items. Plus side? Everything looks amazing. Downside? It sure as hell wasn’t cheap. If you’ve got the cash you can assemble some serious costumes even if you have zero-crafting skill, but know it’ll cost you.

If you’re looking for a more thorough walkthrough or just prefer video, feel free to check out the YouTube vid below!




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