UNBOXING: G Fuel x DrDisRespect Black on Blackberry collector’s box!

I discovered G Fuel a year or two ago courtesy of DrDisRespect and ever since that life-changing day, I’ve been looking forward to the inevitable release of the two-time back-to-back’s shaker and flavor. This exclusive, limited edition, high end collector’s box finally arrived on the doorstep of the TwitchGym and I could not wait to open it up.

The box itself is emblazoned with the signature blood-red and black on black on slate back color of the Doc. Needless to say, this isn’t a piece of packaging which will be simply be tossed or recycled; it will be a cherished piece of decor for many years to come.

One of the best things about being an adult is you tend to own coolers for tailgating, camping, beach days, etc. To make my coolers distinguishable I adorn them in a plethora of stickers and it feels so damn good to know they’ll be dripping violence, speed and momentum with both of these.

The black on black shaker is clean, simple and immediately recognizable to any Champions Club member. The G Fuel 2 Go scoop is a nice bonus for those who opt for the collector’s box. As someone who has been packing protein powders on the go for a few years I appreciate the funnel design of the scoop-will prevent powder from going everywhere whenever I need my mid-afternoon dose of caffeine.

After quickly perusing the G Fuel website, it appears this is the first flavor tub to have a full person on it. Damn good choice, G Fuel.

If you’re interested in the OFFICIAL Gainz of Twitch review of the iconic G Fuel x DrDisRespect Black on Blackberry tub (or just prefer unboxing videos) check the video below!


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