Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum: The best gaming mouse for the money

One of the single most important decisions a PC gamer can make is which mouse to purchase. Depending upon your personal play style and physical predilections, there are hundreds of quality options from well-respected brands vying for your hard earned dollars. PUBG was the game which finally forced me to abandon my stock Dynex mouse and after doing multiple hours of internet sleuthing (see: reading professionally published and user-submitted reviews) I finally settled on what I believe to be the most efficient mouse for my gaming and content creation lifestyle: the Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum. If you’re a gamer who prefers to have multiple actions mapped to your mouse, I do not see how you can get a better bang for your buck than the Logitech G502.

When I first began viewing gaming mice in person, one of my biggest complaints was how flimsy some of the devices felt. While all of these devices are primarily plastic, I’d prefer a mouse which feels more substantial. The G502 comes with five small metal weights which can be set inside the device. Placing all or some of the weights into the mouse allows you to customize the weight of the device to whatever is most comfortable which eliminates the “flimsy” feeling of comparable peripherals. The aesthetics of gaming devices can vary wildly between gawdy to downright ridiculous, and given the subjective nature of appearances it’d be best for each gamer to form their own opinion on the look the mouse. That being said, I can confirm despite the number of lines the mouse contains on its exterior (one of the biggest concerns I had prior to purchasing), none of them are physically noticeable once you palm the device. Despite engaging in literally hundreds hours of gaming and work over the course of the past year, the numerous lines engulfing the case of the mouse have never proved detrimental to performance.The customizable RGB lighting is a nice touch, although I personally did not consider this to be a deciding factor when making my initial purchase.

The Logitech Gaming Software allows gamers to store up to three distinct profiles with different DPI sensitivities (how sensitive the cursor moves, in case you’re unfamiliar with PC gaming jargon) and key maps/bindings. The profile in use is denoted both in the Logitech Gaming Software and physically on the mouse via a small set of three lights which is located between the thumb and index finger. Giving a quick tap to the second button under the scroll wheel allows you to switch profiles on the fly, so once your key bindings are customized in the software you can switch between mouse profiles seamlessly. I personally only use a single profile as I prefer to map keys in the settings for each title, however if you’re the kind of gamer who plays multiple genres (FPS, MMO, RPG, etc) this feature can save you from several minor annoyances.

My keybinds in the Logitech Gaming Software. Please do not share my secrets with the gaming community.

When playing titles such as Destiny, PUBG or entries in the Fallout series, I prefer to have all of my actions mapped to the mouse, leaving my left hand free only for movement and jumping. The nine buttons available on the mouse provide ample inputs to shoot, reload, aim down sights, cook grenades, interact, open inventory, crouch and go-prone (specifically referring to PUBG in this example) and have proved more than adequate for every title I’ve encountered since purchasing the mouse. While it did take some time for me to get accustomed to moving the scroll wheel left and right as two additional “buttons,” I believe this to be a greater critique on my skills (or lack thereof) as a PC gamer than a critical assessment of the mouse. On occasion I have inadvertently clicked the button which unlocks the scroll wheel (located directly under the wheel), however I’d attribute this miscalculation due to my inexperience with a gaming mouse as it seldom occurs now. The braided cable the mouse comes with feels thick and durable, and despite multiple work trips and vacations where I was less-than-careful with my storage and transportation of the device, there have been no frays or visible damage of any kind to either the mouse or cable. Additionally, the ergonomic curve over the mouse and thumbplate provide ample comfort for extended gameplay sessions.

Finally, the primary reason the G502 got on my radar was due to the price. I’ve personally purchased multiples of this device (as gifts) and the price has consistently hovered between $35-$45 when on sale from various brick and mortar and digital retailers. When I began my initial research, many comparable devices began at twice the price of this mouse. Given the plethora of buttons, features and customization options the mouse contains I could not reasonably justify such a drastic increase in cost. While cost isn’t the single biggest determining factor in purchasing a new peripheral, if the device has everything you could possibly need and more, why bother looking into more expensive alternatives?

The Logitech G502 provides powerful performance, multiple customization options, substantial durability and comfort in a reasonably priced package. I’ve personally had my device for close to eighteen months and it’s still in nearly pristine condition. It’s the device I recommend to gamers and content creators of all levels, and you’d be hard pressed to find better bang for your buck in a gaming mouse.


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