Enso Ring: The best ring you’ll never take off

While I had a relatively minor complaint related to the QALO ring I purchased, it was still a superb option for a silicone ring. That being said, my partner in crime didn’t care for the fact the colors we opted to purchase don’t look like “real” rings. Considering I’m of the belief if you’ve got a symbol of commitment to your partner it shouldn’t come off (and I’m not a fan of getting a tattoo myself), I figured we might as well take the plunge and spend the ~$60 or so on another set of silicone rings with a slightly more realistic look. After doing some preliminary searching, we opted to pick up the Enso rings. While up-close no one would confuse the Enso ring for a “real” metal ring, from far away it’s difficult to discern-needless to say, she was very happy with our decision.

Unlike the first set of silicone rings we picked up, the Enso ring has a set of ridges on the inside. This feature alone makes a tremendous difference and regardless of how much soap or lotion are on my hands, the ring never slips off. The ring feels slightly thinner than the QALO ring, which I prefer personally. Having a ring I never need to worry about slipping off is exactly what I wanted, and it doesn’t matter if I’m driving, running, rowing, doing pull ups, push ups, lifting weights with a kettle-bell-I never notice the ring. Half the time I don’t even recall I have the ring on, unless I actually look down and see it. When you’re focused on gainz, gaming and a ton of other stuff, the last thing I want is to notice I’m wearing a ring or worry about it falling off-with the Enso ring, I’ve got all of those things in the same package.

The ring is comfortable, I never notice it regardless of what I’m doing, fits true to size and hardly slides at all if my hands are soapy-short of it getting discolored (it hasn’t at all in the months I’ve owned it and I doubt it will), cut somehow or her deciding we should get a new set for aesthetic purposes, I see no reason for me to purchase another silicone ring. If this review seems to be overly praising and rather succinct, it’s not for lack of trying. When performing an evaluation, I attempt to view things objectively: if there is a fault I can find-no matter how minuscule-I attempt to provide a fair critique. In the case of the Enso ring, I cannot think of one thing I’d do to improve the product.

If you’re on the market for a silicone ring-and if you’re on the Road to Gainzville and want to rock a ring during your gainz sessions, you should be-I don’t see how you could do much better than the Enso ring. Unless you’re not a fan of the aesthetics of it, I find no fault with it. It’s going to be the ring I’m rocking from here on out, and if you catch me on stream/in pictures/at a Con and give me a fist bump, if you see my left hand, odds are you’re going to see this ring.


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