Upperbody Weight circuit (Pullup bar, KBs and resistance bands)

I’m a huge proponent of minimizing costs and maximizing gainz when it comes to building up my personal home gym. I own a wealth of equipment, however the staples I use in my personal exercise regimens are: pullup bar, perfect push-up slider, resistance bands and kettle-bells. If you‘re interested in my advice for what to buy in order to build the perfect and complete home gym, well lucky for you I’ve devoted a post to that particular topic. However, for this post I wanted to focus on the circuit I find myself performing regularly when I’m at home, pressed for time and absolutely dying to get a gainz session in.

I perform the following circuits one-at a time, performing all reps for A exercises then performing all reps for B exercises with no rest. I then rest for 45 seconds to a minute before completing 5-9 additional rounds of both exercises prior to moving onto the next circuit. I will typically perform between 8-15 reps of each exercise during each round and am sure to document both the numbers of rounds and reps I complete of each exercise. This allows me to maintain focus during the 45 sec-1 minute long breaks in between each round.


1A)  Wide-grip pull up/Neutral-grip pull up/Chin up (will perform the 1st set as wide grip, 2nd as neutral, 3rd as chin up, 4th as wide-grip, 5th as neutral, etc for however many total sets performed

1B) Push up (1st set with perfect push-up, 2nd set archer push-up (even number for both arms), 3rd set close-grip/diamond push up, etc for however many total sets performed

2A) KB one-arm press (even number for each arm)

2B) KB tricep overhead press

3A) Resistance bands front raises

3B) Resistance bands lateral raises

After I’ve completed 6-10 rounds of each exercise, I’ll roll out my lower body and then complete a cardio session. This ensures I’m getting all types of Gainz!



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