QALO Ring: a ring for runners, gamers and everyone in between

You know the worst part of being engaged (IMO, obviously)? Having to wear a ring. I vehemently believe if I’m going to wear a symbol of my commitment to my partner, it needs to stay on and never come off. Ever. Apart from my Pebble (RIP old, beautiful friend), I’m accustomed to not wearing any other jewelry or accessories. That being said, things change (I miss you every day, Pebble) and because of that, I had to start rockin’ a ring on the daily. Not wanting to pick something up I had to take off, I decided to take the dive and order a couple different silicone bands. Below are my thoughts after spending approximately 6 weeks with the QALO ring!

When I was researching silicone wedding rings, QALO was the name which popped up more than availability. Considering these bad boys were available at a number of local stores, I picked one which fit and decided to give it a go. From working at a jewelry store for multiple years, I’m most likely one of the few guys on earth who actually knows what their ring size is. Happy to report, the QALO ring fits true to size and felt like a glove the second I put it on. The ring is good looking (although my color choice doesn’t look like a “real” ring, if that’s something you care about), sleek, smooth and fits perfectly.

Whether I was using kettlebells, resistance bands, perfect push up sliders, performing pull ups (both with and without weight lifting gloves), running, rowing or on the elliptical-I never noticed the ring, and there’s no higher praise I can bestow upon the product. It’s smooth, never felt uncomfortable and was never in the way. The ring serves its intended purpose well, however it was not all sunshines and rainbows (although it was mostly that way).

When showering, I’d notice the ring slide off my finger occasionally. Additionally, when putting lotion/moisturizer on, the same thing occurred. Only once did the ring fall completely off, and admittedly I had put extra shampoo in my hand without intending to, however that was not something I anticipated occurring. This appears to be a pitfall of the completely sleek and smooth design-while the ring is undeniably comfortable, it can slide around if lotion/soap completely coats your finger. That being said, this is a minor quibble and so long as you’re cognizant of the fact you’re wearing a ring-which I was-you should run into no issues with the ring.

The QALO rings come in a variety of sizes, shapes, styles and colors. Due to the plethora of designs and styles available for purchase, there’s bound to be something which appeals to you and your partner’s fancy. The ring is practically unnoticeable during gainz sessions. Although I’ve a minor quibble related to how slippery the ring can be when showering/applying lotion or moisturizer, it’s still practically perfect for those of you who believe the symbol of your commitment to your partner should never come off. If you’ve picked up a QALO or another style of silicone/active ring, feel free to share your thoughts and show some pictures to all your fellow Bros on the Road to Gainzville!


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