My Training Philosophy

When I begin training a client, I have a conversation which follows a simple outline:

  1. Identify goals
  2. Determine what they like to do (lift weights, run, etc)
  3. Expectations
  4. Build plan

I’d like to discuss the aspect of this outline I believe is the most important-expectations. In my personal opinion, time is the single most important commodity any being on this planet possesses. It’s constantly marching forward and you can never get it back. As such, when a potential client and I are discussing how I can assist them with identifying and reaching their health and fitness goals, I make it a point to set appropriate expectations not only related to time, but to my personal approach to training.

I will never be rude, berate, belittle or attempt to hurt a client in any physical or emotional manner. I will never waste your time and I expect to be shown the same respect and professional courtesy. You will have my undivided attention and I will never give you less than all I have in a training session, and I expect you to reciprocate this level of effort. Anyone can have an off day (or two-we’ve all been there), however if you repeatedly show sub-par levels of effort, disregard my instructions or waste my time, we’ll have an adult conversation and (possibly) terminate our professional relationship.

I mentioned I will never be rude to you, and I genuinely mean that wholeheartedly. That being said, do not mistake my kindness for being “nice.” I am not here to babysit or coddle you, nor am I here to be your friend (although I’m sure we’ll get along swimmingly 🙂 ). My goal is to help you build accountability, self-sufficiency, improve overall fitness and strength and help you reach your goals. I will be hard on you in an effort to help you reach your goals. If you do not respond to this or it does not sync with your predilections, I will alter my approach. If you’re training with me, we both want the same thing and I will find a way to help us achieve this. As a trainer it’s my goal to help you reach your health and fitness goals-you already have the necessary tools and potential to achieve them, I am merely here to help you realize this potential and facilitate this process.

To me, kindness and being “nice” are not one in the same. Kindness is being an intelligent, empathetic human being who is cognizant of the world they live in-being nice is…some other fluffy junk I don’t partake in. I want to be on the same page with all my clients and I want them to know I take their health and fitness goals very seriously. I’ve always lived by words Peter Capaldi stated in his Doctor Who farewell: “Always try to be nice, never fail to be kind.” Some people don’t respond to niceties but still need assistance with their training-those are people I never have trouble motivating. That being said, you have to adept at understanding how people respond to different stimuli when training, and being aware of what you personally respond to allows you to build a training plan and structure which sets yourself up to thrive.

Many clients have told me “I don’t have the time to workout” yet they come to me, which is them putting forth the effort and MAKING the decision to prioritize their health and fitness goals. I respect that-and I sure as hell respect them carving out the time to meet with me when I know they’ve jobs, families, social obligations and a litany of other things vying for their attention. Find a way to devote time to improving yourself and reaching your potential-whether you’re a client of mine or not-and you will make progress. What are some of your training philosophies, whether they be for yourself or for others? What’s your mindset when it comes to making gainz? Let me know in the comments!


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