You Need to Meal Prep

Do enjoy cooking? Do you enjoy working? Do you enjoy being near a hot oven and sweating while chopping up multiple vegetables and running your hands through ground meat? If you answered yes to any of the previous questions, you need to come to grips with the fact you’re a liar and/or you need new hobbies :p I jest, but as you can discern I’m not the biggest fan of spending time in the kitchen. With things to do, content to create, games to play and workouts to perform, the last thing I want to do is spend any time in the kitchen. This means I’m more likely to spend money going out/reaching for frozen meals every day, which has an adverse impact on both my wallet and my journey on the Road to Gainzville.

I’m going to make a confession to all you Bros here-I love fast food and alcohol. You give me Taco Bell and a big tumbler full of vodka made in the great state of Texas and I’m going to have a fantastic night-but, consuming both of these things regularly significantly impacts my ability to complete workouts (..because I won’t) and costs $$$. Couple this penchant for fast food and booze with my laziness and my personal journey on the Road to Gainzville has seldom moved as quickly as I’d like. To combat my natural inclination to eat out or warm something frozen up I’ve leveraged a secret weapon for quite some time: Meal prepping once (or twice-AT MOST) a week.

If my fridge is full of meals which simply need to be thrown in the microwave, I’m more likely to warm those up when I get home instead of something that’s frozen. This saves me money (as the food in the fridge will expire faster) and every time I pop a frozen meal in the microwave, I can’t help but see the approximate $4 price tag from the grocery store in my head. Because I’m primarily concerned with convenience-when I return home from the office it’s 1) eat 2) wash dishes 3) workout 4) play games on Twitch-if I have food ready to go I can scarf it down in front of my PC (because I’m a total adult) and get on with my life. To ensure I’ve always something at the ready, I prepare a week’s worth of dinners (and occasionally, lunches) on Sunday or Monday and am done for the week. In the mornings I tend to have eggs (which I don’t mind making daily) or oatmeal.

As I don’t enjoy cooking, all of the recipes you’ll see me post on this site are done with prepping in mind. I’m an avid fan of our Instant Pot, as a slow-cooker/pressure-cooker means minimal work for large dividends. Simply seasoning a few pounds of pork and throwing it into the Instant Pot means I’ve shredded pork for a week, which can then be combined with multiple store-bought sauces to provide variety. This means I’ll be less likely to grow bored of eating the same thing daily, which saves hard-earned cash. Additionally, each of the recipes I provide will have an approximate cost associated with them, because I’m all about saving money.

If you’re lazy (like me) and favor convenience over pretty much anything else (like me), meal prepping can be a valuable tool to ensure you don’t sabotage the work you put it in during your gainz sessions. Having something in your immediate vicinity means you’re more likely to consume it, so I’d recommend prepping meals for the week so there’s always something you can reheat and eat at your disposal. Bonus points if you make something like shredded pork, which can be used with eggs, tacos, salads, etc. The more accessible you make healthy options, the more likely you are to make gainz. What are some of your favorite recipes to prep? What’s the easiest (and tastiest) dish you concoct regularly? Let me know in the comments!


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