How to Make a Lifestyle Change

When it comes to your health and fitness, there is no substitute for time and effort. If you truly want to begin your journey on the Road to Gainzville, you need to make a fundamental shift in the way you approach every aspect of your everyday life. Everyone knows the basic fundamentals of working out, getting strong, losing weight and getting healthier; they are not some widely held secret by the Illuminati. You need to eat healthy options, reduce your calorie intake and workout. That is literally it. Believe it or not, not one single client I’ve relayed this to has been taken aback. Wonder why? BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS IT’S HEALTHIER TO EAT BROCCOLI THAN A CHEESEBURGER. Because of this, I vehemently believe knowing what to do is not the issue when it comes to living a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Rather, most clients I work with struggle with consistency and maintaining a healthy weight after a certain period of time. When you’re in the gym and have Gabe barking at you, it’s easy to focus on making gainz. When you know a wedding is coming up and you’ve got to fit into a specific dress or suit, opting for salad and lighter options over wings and pizza isn’t too severe of a struggle. Short term goals and extrinsic motivation may help you temporarily, but once that concrete date passes or you begin to feel as if you’re “fit enough”, what happens? Consistency, longevity and self-discipline need to take over, and this is where I find most of my clients falter. I believe the reason for this is because when something is “new” our perception of it is viewed through a different lens, however once the veneer wears off, it’s easy to regress to old habits.

I’m going to provide you Bros with some statements I vehemently believe in. These are rules I personally believe healthy and fit people live by. In order to make a fundamental change in your lifestyle-how you live your day to day, how you think about eating and working out-and make a change, you need to be all-in. This is not a temporary “fix” to a problem, this is making a change to improve the way you feel and better your health. Here are the rules I believe we should live by:

  1. Healthy people do not snack-we eat meals. Plan what each meal contains accordingly.
  2. Healthy people do not HAVE to workout-we want to. It’s our time to ourselves where we can zone out, improve health, fitness and strength and invest in our future.
  3. Healthy people do not punish themselves with working out or eating healthy. You’re an adult capable of independent thought-if you want pizza, eat a slice of damn pizza.
  4. Healthy people have what they want in moderation, but consciously opt for healthy choices.
  5. Healthy and fit people understand while food is undoubtedly intended to be enjoyed, it’s primary function is to provide fuel for your day-to-day activities.

In order to make a lifestyle change, eating healthy and working out needs to become routine. These are not things you “have” to do-that implies a negative connotation which does not help establish consistency. Rather, they simply must be done-like going to work or school, eating, etc. These become simply part of who you are and your daily routine. Eventually you’re no longer making “healthy choices”-you’re simply eating the way you normally do, which just so happens to be nutritionally beneficial. Eventually when you wake up in the morning and plan your day, you’re incorporating your daily workout into your “must-do’s”, such as working, preparing dinner (UNLESS YOU MEAL PREP LIKE YOU SHOULD BE), etc.

Making a change isn’t easy, but if you view it as a simple “fact of life” as opposed to a temporary fix, I’d surmise your chances of maintaining consistency for the long haul are substantially better. What made you decide to get on the Road to Gainzville? What were some of the biggest hurdles you faced adapting to your new lifestyle? Let me know in the comments!



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