PAX East 2017 Haul


If you consider yourself a ConLife Connoisseur, then attending a Con means multiple things are going to happen, however I’d like to focus on just a few of these ConLife Certainties for the purposes of this post:

1) You’re going to spend copious amounts of money

2) You’re going to wait in line

3) You’re going to pull tons of swag

In this spirit, I’ve compiled the following haul-photo post for your reference. If you’d prefer to hear me ramble for some minutes, then fear not-I have created a video just for you (and if you’re out there, you’re outside your mind and you can find the video at the bottom of this beautiful deluge of photos):

We got lucky in Discord trivia and won this bad boy. Suffice it to say, this guy will get its own review after adequate time…
I’m overly fond of the traditional PAX shirt and pick one up at every one we attend
Considering it was around 15 degrees Fahrenheit each day we were in Boston, I thought it best to splurge on one of these for layering

I feel as if I only see backpack swag bags at SDCC, but considering the layers of outerwear we had to don just to reach PAX each day, I was grateful Twitch handed these out
So everyone at the grocery store knows I #BleedPurple
Leave it to the good folks at Twitch to hand out the best swag at PAX
Considering the temperature, this ended up getting the most use out of any swag item we’ve ever nabbed
The cover art for official PAX guides is always the best, IMHO
Everyone who attended the Mass Effect panel received this nifty art book…
…which contained some highly inappropriate Cards Against Humanity cards. Then again, pretty much all Cards Against Humanity cards are inappropriate…
Really was hoping to get to meet Ember Moon at PAX (look her up if you don’t know who she is) and while I didn’t get a hug, I did get one of these awesome signs
Various patches and other swag-INCLUDING an awesome phone sleeve to stick on my phone during my next race
Got some really awesome lanyards this time. Believe the Mario-themed one is my new favorite
PAX is all about the pins and this one was no different. Never had a clear favorite until I laid eyes on the Nuka Cola one

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