Best Fallout 4 Mods for Xbox One


If you’re a big fan of the Fallout series – and for the record, my first Twitch streams were nothing but Fallout 4 – you’re familiar with the concept of mods, whether you’ve opted to play with them or not. Fortunately for Xbox players, we are now able to delve into the wide and complex world of Fallout mods! That being said, there are a plethora of mods available and quite a bit to consider before loading your Commonwealth chock full of L337 HAX (hip, right?). The first thing to ponder – are mods right for you?

For most players, I’d say the answer is a resounding yes. As console players don’t have to do much else other than hit the “download” button to begin playing with mods, the barrier to entry is exceedingly low. That being said, if you’re primarily interested in the story of Fallout (and I totally understand if you are), think traveling in the in-game world is a chore and don’t enjoy exploring the surplus of random buildings you encounter during the course of your journey, mods may not be for you. Additionally, if you cannot live with a teeny bit of slowdown while playing and aren’t a big fan of trial and error (more on this below), Fallout mods may not be worth checking out for you.

The “trial and error” aspect of mods occur if you begin experiencing significant slowdown or the game crashing after installing a mod (or ten). If you do, your best bet is to begin rearranging (or if need be, deleting) mods. Below I’ve included the load order I utilize for all my mods (large, game-altering files first followed by those which add buildings/structures, then aesthetic mods), and fortunately thus far I haven’t ran into too many issues. Whenever I add a new mod (still debating if I need that fancy N7 armor…) I load it at the bottom of my list – as I’m primarily just adding small weapon/armor mods now – and go to the area immediately surrounding Diamond City. As there’s a significant amount the game needs to render in this area, I’ve found if the game will crash anywhere, odds are it’ll be there.

My Load Order:

  1. Unofficial Fallout 4 patch
  2. Natural & Atmosphere Commonwealth (New realistic weathers, storms and more) XB1
  3. [XB1] Realistic Clear Water Overhaul Textures [V 0.1]
  4. Spawn Items for XBOX ONE
  5. Crowded Commonwealth – New Locations and Lore Expansion (XB1)
  6. Plenty ‘o’ Exploration – Xbox One
  7. Expanding Boston (XB1)
  8. Stumble Upon Interiors
  9. Atomic Radio XB1
  10. Apply Legendary Effects To Guns/Melee Weapons And Armour in Fallout 4
  11. Devils Halfling’s Shadowmeat
  12. Carbon Fiber Pip-Boy V2 (pipboy)
  13. Cheat Terminal [Xbox One]
  14. [XBOX1] Modern Firearms (Tactical Edition) – v2.4 OPEN BETA
  15. Batman Beyond
  16. NCR Veteran Ranger Armor (XB1)

I’m a staunch advocate of mods, as they can add tremendously to the Fallout experience of exploring the Commonwealth. I believe you’re getting a tremendous bang for your buck by adding new buildings to enter, locales to explore and weapons to gather and modify to the already large core Fallout 4 game. Besides, who doesn’t want to look like Batman?! If you’re curious to see what these mods look like in action, feel free to scope the video below:


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