SDCC 2016 Exclusives Haul


As soon as I return to TruBros HQ after time away for a con, the first thing I do is empty my suitcases. While this typically means I’m putting any leftover snacks away in the cupboards and sorting through the unruly amount of laundry which piled up during my time away, the most enjoyable part of this process is sorting through all of the exclusives the crew and I secured during our ConLife adventures. 

At SDCC 2015, the crew and I picked up way more than we should have. While we certainly liked everything we got our hands on, this year we decided to only secure exclusives we truly wanted in order to minimize spending and maximizing utility. Many of these items are gifts for our friends and family while some we hang on to for our shelves and/or Christmas tree. Without further ado, let’s hop straight into all the exclusives we snagged at SDCC 2016!


If you’re a fan of vinyl figurines, odds are you’re familiar with the good folks over at Kidrobot. They create some of the most unique figures available, and last year I picked up a vinyl set of Bebop and Rocksteady for one of my Bros. Continuing with this (short) tradition, I picked these guys up…along with a Mega Man figure to match my coasters and mug!


Quantum Mechanix

QMX is a retailer I’m a big fan of. Not only do they produce high quality merchandise of one of the best shows of all time (Firefly, for the uninitiated) but their lines tend to be relatively short. They also had a number of Star Trek exclusives available to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the series, so I picked a few of these up for the mom.



Believe it or not, I’m not a terribly big fan of the exclusives Hasbro produces each year. While I positively adore Star Wars, I can never think where I’d display the elaborate Black Series figurines they have for purchase at TruBros HQ, so more often than not I pick up very little from their booth. This year, I picked up this Transformers Soundwave tablet for one of my Bros and nothing else from the notorious famed booth.



Monogram International

Another retailer I absolutely adore. Although they only take cash, I’m always sure to have some on me. I’m a big fan of both Kingdom Hearts and Harry Potter, so needless to say I had to pick these up.



Mattel always brings a large number of unique exclusives to SDCC and they all tend to be available for pre-order. While some of these items may be available for purchase at a later date from and thus aren’t truly “exclusive”, there’s no denying many of their offerings are awesome.



The folks at Skybound always bring a large number of exclusives to SDCC each year. In an effort to curb spending, I only picked up this bangle from them for one of my Bros.



You know one of the most underrated, crazy booths at SDCC each year? Peanuts. I love Snoopy and fam, so I’m always sure to hit this booth up. While it may not get as crowded as the likes of Hasbro and Hallmark, it’s one you’ve got to sprint to if you want to secure what they have to offer. This year, we picked up this gorgeous little dude:



This is my personal favorite retailer at SDCC. I love the minifigs (who doesn’t?) and enjoy the creative sets concocted by the great minds at Lego each year for SDCC. This year, Lego decided to debut their new Brick Headz line along with some exclusive sets at SDCC instead of going the traditional route. I’m not sold on this year (more on that in the video below) but there’s no denying these guys are sharp looking.



Hallmark always has some of the best exclusives available for purchase at SDCC in my humble opinion. I’m a big fan of both their ornaments and Itty Bittys (as are many of my Bros) so I always try to grab as many as I can.


Between the number of off-site events to visit, panels to attend and exclusives available for purchase, the sheer number of activities/things vying for your attention during SDCC is astronomical. I decided long ago my primary focus during San Diego Comic-Con International would be securing exclusives, and I’m quite happy how things turned out during SDCC 2016. Until next time, Bros!


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