RTX2016 Day 1 Recap (Lawbreakers, Bracket Studio & Game Grumps)


Today marked the first day of RTX and SGC 2016, and naturally your Bro was there to kick things off from the second the floor opened. Fair bit of warning: RTX 2016 marks the first time your Bro ever tried his hand at cosplay, so this particular recap is going to have way more pictures of me than normal-I apologize in advance. Allow me to indulge my narcissism just a tad, because I cannot put into words how I ecstatic I was the first time someone recognized me. I worried this Bro was getting a bit too behind the times when it comes to the latest hip happenings on the interwebs, but fortunately for me Strongbad is timeless.


The day started with a blitz to the Twitch booth in order to get a wee bit of hands on time with the newest game mode in Lawbreakers, Turf War. I’ve already provided my thoughts on Lawbreakers multiple times and if you’re so inclined, feel free to scope them here and here (spoiler alert: I’m a fan). The new game mode is simple enough to understand: there are three points scattered throughout the map and your team gets a point for securing one. Once all points have been captured there’s a brief cooldown period and then all three reset and the first team to 12 points wins.


As much as I bemoan playing games on PC, Lawbreakers is a title I spend as much time with as possible, as the environments are intricately detailed and the gameplay is razor sharp. Although my team got our behinds metaphorically handed to us, the new game mode and map allowed someone familiar with Lawbreakers to experience something new. This is a title I’ve repeatedly hyped for good reason, and getting a chance to play in a new map with a new objective made the game feel as fresh as the first time I got hands on time with it back at PAX East 2016. As long as you’ve a PC capable of running it (here’s hoping it’s eventually released on consoles!), whether you care for PC games or not I’d recommend going and signing up for the Lawbreakers alpha. You won’t be disappointed.


After our devastating loss, the crew and I popped by the Behemoth booth. The Behemoth is running a Snapchat contest throughout RTX 2016, and believe it or not your Bro actually won the contest for Day 1! I’d imagine this is because I merely pointed out the fact the dragon-man Trogdor would undoubtedly burninate this little fellow if given the opportunity. Behemoth is also showing off Pit People, and considering it’s been some time since I first got hands-on time with it way back at SDCC 2015, I’ve made it a goal of mine to play through the latest level before RTX 2016 comes to a close.



Once I’d snapped my photo with the cupcake (and thank you for the awesome swag bag as the prize for the contest!), it was time to hightail it over to the Hilton to attend the Bracket Studio panel. Bracket Studio is a YouTube channel (https://www.youtube.com/user/BracketStudio) based out of San Antonio, Texas. Truth be told, I was unfamiliar with these awesome guys prior to today. However, their panel entitled “YouTube Gaming & Editing for Beginners” seemed like the perfect subject material for your Bro, as all of you are aware I’m a relatively n00b Twitch Broadcaster and have yet to delve into the world of composing content specifically for YouTube.


The panel was extremely informative for a YouTube rookie such as myself, and the friendly team over at Bracket Studio provided a number of tips which could be beneficial to those looking to fully immerse themselves into this realm. As someone who finds the entire prospect of creating content specifically for YouTube a bit daunting-as it entails technology….things like editing!-this panel helped eradicate any of my reservations regarding the process. In case any of you Bros are wondering if you too should dive into the world of YouTube but are feeling a bit apprehensive, I’ll provide some of the highlights from the panel below:

-Know your audience. Make videos you’d want to watch.

-Don’t let equipment be a barrier to entry. Use what you have and upgrade piecemeal.

-Utilize the tools YouTube gives you. Playlists are great to make your channel easy to navigate for someone who happens to stumble across it.

-Stick to an upload schedule and communicate it to your audience.

Once the great BracketStudio panel concluded it was time to line up for Game Grumps panel. Although this panel was strictly Q&A (a format I’m not personally fond of), there were numerous tidbits of advice provided by the Game Grumps team. As a self-proclaimed NerdLife Enthusiast and ConLife Connoisseur, I believe it’s my duty to pass along these nuggets of advice on the off chance they might be what finally inspires someone to take the leap and begin doing something they genuinely enjoy. Although I currently only write and broadcast on Twitch, these are things I enjoy immensely, and if there are any words of wisdom I can provide (or in this case, relay) to help you begin doing something you derive utility from…well, you know your Bro has your back. A couple highlights from the Game Grumps panel:

-How to break out of a creative rut: break out of your daily routine and expand your horizons. Hang out with people who support you and jot down any ideas you have, even if they aren’t fully fleshed out.

-How to keep things fresh when creating content: use a conversation generator to kick off a new discussion. Learning to talk is a skill gained with practice (SIDENOTE: as Diamond Dallas Page always says, repetition is the mother of learning!).

-When discussing live performers who inspire them: The best performers are those who are doing it for the audience and are focused on the audience having a good time, not those who are simply trying to bolster their own ego.


Additionally-SOMEONE PROPOSED DURING THE GAME GRUMPS PANEL! And the woman totally said yes. Although Strongbad aka Strongbro didn’t get to cross paths with you during the panel, congratulations and a BIG virtual fist bump to the both of you!

All in all, the first day of TruBros vs. RTX 2016 was focused on attending panels and gaining knowledge from those much more familiar with the subject of content creation than myself. Although I rarely cover panels during my SDCC excursions (as my time is spent mostly chasing exclusives), panels are a great way to “pick the brain” (a phrase which bugs me…I think it’s because I spent too many late nights marathoning episodes of The Walking Dead) of those knowledgeable in a specific subject. The relatively small scope of both RTX and SGC (although this has increased substantially considering they’ve combined this year) makes both of these Cons a solid option for attending panels. RTX and SGC 2016 are far from over, and you can bet you Bro is going to hook you up with tons more after Day 2 is in the books. If you’d like to follow updates in real time, feel free to follow a Bro on Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (Trubros on all!).


For now, I leave you with this picture of the UNSC and Lootcrate attempting to recruit Strongbad…but these gloves were made for typing and not much else. Until next time, Bros!


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