NerdLife Décor


As a self-proclaimed NerdLife Enthusiast and ConLife Connoisseur, NerdLife permeates every aspect of my life. Everything from my clothing to my walls function primarily (at least in my eyes) as canvasses to display my love for anything and everything related to NerdLife. That being said, while I do everything in my power to both secure ConLife exclusives and showcase my devotion to various fandoms, I do have to contend with one constant: space in TruBros HQ.


As of right now, TruBros HQ is not currently housed in a 20,000 square foot mega mansion. This fact, coupled with my personal predilection to not have my humble abode appear as if it’s been decorated by a youngling means I must be selective not only with the exclusives I secure (as I’ve limited space and abhor “clutter”), but with the décor which adorns my walls and shelves. While I am no doubt positively enamored with all of the exclusives, vinyl figures and Lego sets (I suppose you could refer to all of these as “toys” but that sounds so…dismissive) which I’ve accrued over the years, I’ve done my best to strike a delicate balance between “NerdLife Enthusiast” and “oh my God how many toys can you fit into one place” when decorating my home.

This means I attempt to inject subtle flairs of NerdLife into all aspects of the home, as simply lining the walls with posters and cramming my shelves with figurines would not only detract from the sophisticated, refined life of luxury I live (pass the Grey Poupon, would you kindly?), but it would also make my finite amount of space look and feel incredibly cramped. If you’re like this Bro and want to deck your house out in all things NerdLife but don’t want your home to look like a toy store, I’ve got you covered.

Below I’ve included just a few of the myriad of ways I’ve decked TruBros HQ out in all things NerdLife. I also mention where I secured some of the goods-and was sure to omit anything exclusive-to help all you Bros on the interwebs out. If y’all have any questions/comments/suggestions, feel free to holler at your Bro!

  • Posters

20160607_221834402_iOS 20160608_013254514_iOS

Decking your walls out should always be your first step when it comes to igniting the metamorphosis that is changing your house from “home” to “NerdLife destination.” That being said, I recommend not only being selective of your poster choices, but placing them in quality frames. While going this route may raise your costs some, not only are unique posters great conversation pieces (and look totally awesome in the background when you’re broadcasting on Twitch, if you ask me), but ensuring they are in quality frames means they add the subtle layer of “adult” so many of us crave when decorating our homes! Besides-it protects them. Frames are literally cases for your posters!

  • Magnets


If you’ve got a place where you live, the chances are pretty darn good you’ve got some type of refrigerator/metal surface which magnets can be housed on. Maybe you want to stick some menus to your fridge, maybe you want to commemorate a specific Con or destination or maybe you just want something that’s small and subtle, pretty much everyone has crap on their fridges, so this is as good a place as any in the home to showcase your NerdLife love!

  • Mugs/Travel Mugs


My absolute favorite NerdLife thing to buy for the home? Mugs. Not only are they useful, but you can find some really great ones if you know where to look. Considering I already have a few, I haven’t purchased a new one in quite some time. These are one of the few items I use daily and the more I stare at these three, the more I think I could use one more…

  • Coasters/Bowls


Since I always adhere to my own ConLife packing list, I’ve always got a plethora of snacks on hand. The absolute best way to store these? Why, in bowls shaped like the heads of everyone’s favorite droids, naturally! Additionally, I’m a big stickler for using coasters in the house and I only like the kind made of rubber-I know, not the most exciting topic of conversation. But fortunately, I was able to pick up these absolutely beauties from Fangamer a while back. Not only are they useful but they’re subtle-and that’s the best way to spruce up your house with a little NerdLife.

  • Pillows


I ain’t one for “home goods” or whatever but the P.I.C. is all about throw pillows. Says they add something to the room-all I know is, they don’t take up a ton of space and when I need some back support, these little guys do the trick. Plus (and this is the whole point of this here post) they allow me to add a “pop” of NerdLife to the room! When I was a youngling, one birthday someone gave me a throw pillow as a gift-my young mind couldn’t comprehend the possibilities! What I wouldn’t give to see that Ninja Turtle pillow again…

These are just a handful of the ways you can inject some NerdLife into your house without going over the top. If you’ve got any suggestions on subtle ways to spruce up your humble abode, feel free to add them below. Until next time, Bros!


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