SPECIAL STREAM: Donate to St.Jude and Receive Conlife Swag!



As frequenters of this blog are well-aware, your Bro just came back from PAX East 2016 in Boston. Considering I do everything in my power to live up to my self-proclaimed title of “ConLife Connoisseur,” I spent the better part of this morning figuring out how to creatively stuff my suitcase with all of the swag the crew and I secured during our first-ever PAX East visit. Doing this got me thinking-I’ve been fortunate enough to live the illustrious ConLife for a couple years now. During my adventures the crew and I have accrued a plethora of swag, most of which we use only sparingly.


If you’ve popped into one of my Twitch streams recently, you’ll know I’m doing everything in my power to raise money in support of St. Jude Play Live. In honor of this I have decided to finally clean out the TruBros swag locker and offer up many of the goodies I’ve secured as rewards to those souls who are kind enough to assist me in my efforts. I’ve got my hands on some legit gear over the past couple years, and I have put together numerous “swag bags” to reward those who contribute to my efforts during a particular Twitch broadcast.


This coming Friday, April 28th beginning at 6:00pm CST, I will be running a special stream where donors will be rewarded with special packages depending upon how much they contribute to St. Jude Play Live using the link provided here. Below I’ve included a plethora of pictures detailing the swag packages which will be available for those who donate during this stream.


-If you donate $50 you’ll get a swag bag and a shirt (but you should hop in the chat and let me know your size beforehand since I’ve got a limited number of shirts)!


-If you donate $25 you’ll get a swag bag filled with multiple ConLife goodies!


-More swag packages may by announced mid-stream! Note: depending upon how many people want to help St. Jude, rewards are subject to change. If you’ve any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your Bro via Twitch or Twitter!


  • U. S. residents only.
  • Rewards will ONLY be given out for donations received while Twitch broadcast is live beginning at 6:00pm CST on Friday, 4/29. Still-feel free to help me support St. Jude before or after then!
  • All rewards subject to change mid-stream, as there’s a very real possibility the number of donations may exceed the amount of swag available
  • There’s no guarantee your donation will receive a swag bag as the amount is limited. If you’re concerned, feel free to ask what’s left during the stream!
  • All proceeds go straight to St. Jude.
  • Donations must be done using a credit card or paypal. Check this link for more info from St.Judes Play Live!
  • When a donation is received I immediately get an email from St. Jude containing only a name and amount. If you donate whisper me your Twitch name and other info so I can mail your rewards!
  • Everything will be mailed out Monday, May 2nd. This is the link you need to use to donate during the stream!

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