Vox Table: Austin, TX


This Bro is all about living the illustrious ConLife-my stating so isn’t much of a secret. Part of said life is traveling frequently, as this year I will be hitting up Boston (for PAX East), San Diego (for the one and only San Diego Comic-Con International) and Disneyland (for a half-marathon). In my younger days when I would travel somewhere, the only things I needed-other than transportation to and from my destination-was a bed and a fast-food joint. It didn’t matter if the bed was made of plywood and straw; as long as I could shower and sleep, I was content.

As I’ve aged, I’ve become a bit more of a planner, as evidenced by my numerous packing lists, strategies for specific Cons and guides posted on this here website. Now whenever I know I’ll be traveling to a different city, I spend days looking up (I don’t like to say I’m “researching” when all I’m doing is perusing the internet….) transportation, hotels and places to eat. I prefer to have a few bullet points (such as restaurants to go to) as soon as I land, as this at least provides a general framework to my vacation. Over-planning is something I’m not fond of, as I believe spontaneity is an integral part of the relaxing, “vacation” experience; however not planning at all for something like Disneyworld or SDCC is an absolute recipe for disaster.

With this philosophy in mind, I’ve decided to expand this Bro’s musings on this here blog. When planning travel, the first thing I look up (other than my destination, lodging and transportation-naturally!) is where I’m going to eat. Dining is an essential component in the utility the crew and I derive  when traveling, even when we’re going to places where we don’t plan to spend too much time in the surrounding city, such as SDCC. When visiting Disney or Las Vegas, dining is truly the “star of the show” for us, so to speak.


I vehemently believe the most important meal of the day is brunch, which is unfortunate since I believe most people (such as myself) only get to enjoy it on the weekends, due to things such as “jobs” and “responsibilities.” Any time you can combine pancakes, bacon and prime rib with alcohol is a good time in my book. More often than not, when traveling, I attempt to have brunch at least once, and this is something I heartily recommend all my Bros do. When visiting SDCC later this year, I plan to once-again hit up the mecca of brunch, Hash House A Go Go. If anyone has any recommendations on where to hit up in Boston, please let your Bro know!

I’m fortunate enough to reside in the “Live Music Capital of the World”, Austin, Texas. While I’m not terribly big on live music, one of the best things about this city is the culinary options. Regardless of the type of food you’re craving, you’ll be able find it when visiting Austin. Considering both South by Southwest and the Austin City Limits music festival take place here annually (along with a bevy of other events), odds are you’ll be making the trek to this town eventually. With this in mind, the first entry in the inaugural #BrunchBros section of this site is a gem named Vox Table.


As I am a proud Texan, I subscribe to Texas Monthly and first heard of this restaurant when flipping the pages of an issue centered on new restaurants throughout the state. Knowing full-well this Bro is big on brunch, my P.I.C decided to take me to one of the establishments on this list for my birthday. Although the menu was a bit fancy (as I’m more of a pancakes-waffles-bacon-and-eggs-and-mimosas kind of guy), they had my go to-eggs benedict-so I figured it’d be worth trying at least once. I always say “Don’t knock it ‘till you rock it” so I’m always willing to try new places.

The restaurant itself was incredibly bright, and since it is nestled between multiple buildings, it’d be difficult for the sun to shine directly into the establishment-which is a good thing. We began with coffee and mimosas-a requirement at any brunch-and both were very solid. The coffee was a bit stronger than we care for, but we also use cinnamon and creamer in our coffee so I believe our palettes just prefer something lighter. Both the orange juice and grapefruit mimosas were solid choices, although truth be told these are pretty hard to make incorrectly.


I ordered the Crab Benedict, which came with butter poached crab, prosciutto chip, egg 63 and hollandaise in yorkshire pudding bread (the description was lifted directly from the menu). I get eggs benedict wherever I go, as it’s my favorite brunch dish and boy did this sucker exceed my admittedly lofty expectations. If a place is fancy-and expensive, as the two appear to always go hand-in-hand-the eats better deliver, and this plate did in droves.

Although everything appeared to be thrown into the bread (but with a level of skill my hot pocket-eating self will never possess), each flavor managed to stand out. The dish was incredibly balanced and no flavor overpowered another. All too-often when you go to a gimmicky establishment, the flavors can be strong, and after a few bites they are too overpowering to truly enjoy your meal. Not the case with this crab benedict-the dish was light and balanced but bursting with flavor. I’m no food critic (I’m just a Bro who eats chicken wings and doughnuts) but I could distinguish each flavor-the prosciutto, egg, crab and hollandaise-in each bite. My P.I.C thought the same when we inevitably traded plates, and although she’s not as picky as I am when it comes to eats she gave it a solid thumbs up. Easily the best eggs benedict I’ve ever had, and you can bet we’ll be returning.


The P.I.C ordered the Stuffed Toast, which came with ricotta stuffed brioche, roasted strawberries and aged balsamic (again, lifted straight from the menu off the website). I was a bit hesitant to try this dish as it looked to be rather heavy, however it was surprisingly delicate. The bread and ricotta were flavorful, and the texture of the entire dish was more likely angel food cake than traditional stuffed French toast. The flavors were a bit stronger with this dish, however they were balanced out perfectly by the roasted strawberries and the side order of house cured bacon she ordered. I didn’t get to snap a picture of the bacon (and it really just looked like any side of bacon) but it was the most flavorful and non-greasy bacon either of us had ever had. Totally on point.

We also had an appetizer of sourdough bread (which I’m not the biggest fan of as it’s a bit too hard) which was good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Overall, Vox Table was some of the best brunch either of us had ever consumed, and the next time you’re rolling through the 5-1-2 I’d definitely recommend scoping it out. This #BrunchBros excursion was a resounding success. Until next time, Bros!


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