SXSW 2016: Spotify House Wrap-Up


One of my absolute favorite events of SXSW is the Spotify House. This is a weeklong music showcase put on by the good folks over at Spotify, and while they typically have heavy-hitting headlines they also have smaller artists you might not be as familiar with…at least if you’re like me and primarily use Spotify to build personal playlists. While I certainly began following a few new artists-such as Lukas Graham-the Spotify House is an absolutely fantastic place to just go and spend the day. Truth be told, it took a healthy amount of effort to convince me to get up and leave and I don’t mean just because everyone who entered got four free drink tickets (side note: the primary vodka being served was Deep Eddy and if you haven’t tried that and you’re of age, go buy yourself a bottle. You’re welcome).


While I typically don’t advocate spending money (other than on parking and for tipping bartenders) during SXSW, after spending a couple hours hanging around and listening to awesome live music, your boy got a little hungry. Although Shake Shack was overpriced, considering the quality of the food (and not to mention the proximity) I ended up splurging on these delightful burgers every day we visited the Spotify House. That’s how they get you, Bros.


While the outdoor main stage (and bar) were certainly the highlights of the Spotify House, indoor the set up boasted a healthy amount of NerdLife.  The good folks at PlayStation had set up an arcade and people were able to throwdown on Street Fighter V. Considering I had already mopped the floor with my Bro at PAX South, we decided to not partake in this particular festivity.


Additionally, people were able to take customized photos and play with a jukebox set up, but due to the hordes of people crowding around these we didn’t get to scope them out. Additionally, although the indoor area was always fairly crowded (I’m guessing due to a combination of the activities and the immense heat outside), the second outdoor stage never seemed to get too packed.


The Spotify House also offered SoulCycle classes every morning they were open but alas-your Bro didn’t get picked to participate. Considering the wealth of alcohol and free food (none of which was particularly healthy) I’d been consuming, this would’ve been helpful. Still-the Spotify House was easily one of my favorite events during SXSW, and I simply cannot wait to see what they bring next year. Fingers crossed they decide to do something during SDCC this year. Until next time, Bros!



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