SXSW 2016: Hype Hotel Wrap-Up




Once the music portion of SXSW begins, there are two events all attendees know are going to be good for great drinks and gnarly performances, the first of which I’m going to cover here. The Hype Hotel is synonymous with SXSW Music for good reason-not only do they have well-known performers headline their shows late into the evening, but during the day they’ll have lesser-known acts (at least lesser-known to me…probably because I’m not very hip) who always put on great shows.


This year Mazda served as the primary sponsor for the Hype Hotel, and as such throughout the duration of SXSW they were offering free rides around the downtown area for those who signed up, as well as giving away a ridiculous amount of prizes for those who were lucky enough to snag one. Last year Taco Bell’s Feed the Beat program partnered with the Hype Machine to sponsor the Hype Hotel, and unfortunately they did not do so again this year. This is unfortunate as Taco Bell has amazing food and when they’re sponsoring they’ll sell it for extremely discounted rates or perhaps for free…but I digress.



Free rides are pretty sweet, and the other sponsors were Tito’s Vodka and Don Julio. Although I’m more of a Deep Eddy man myself (as evidenced by my numerous references to it on stream and in the Spotify House post), if a vodka is made in Texas I do my dandiest to try it. Tito’s isn’t quite as smooth as Deep Eddy, but it’s made here in the illustrious Lone Star State so I’ll let the fact that it has a little bite slide.



Flip flop wines was another sponsor, and they were not only offering up cans of their product for attendees to sample, but they were also allowing visitors to build their own set of custom flip flops. Considering myself, the Bro and the P.I.C weren’t interested in walking around with sand in our shoes (especially since it was raining for the better part of the festival) we opted to not partake in this.


Hype Hotel also had numerous instagram-based scavenger hunts going on every day they were open, and while I didn’t win a new car (or anything else for that matter) I did get a large number of people inquiring about my Twitch nametag. I suppose any time you can get a fist bump that’s a good thing.



If you’re going to attend SXSW make sure you RSVP for the Hype Hotel-you will not be disappointed. The performances are fantastic, the sponsors are always awesome and unless you’re like me and determined to see all you possibly can in a single day, this is easily a place you could chill from open ‘till close just lounging around, having a drink and listening to some awesome music. I’m glad I was able to nab a little Hype Machine button, as this will undoubtedly be on my lanyard at PAX East. Until next time, Bros!



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