SXSW 2016: Fader Arcade and Fader Fort Wrap-Up



If you’re hitting up SXSW and you’re interested in music, you’ve got to hit up the Fader Fort put on by the good folks over at The Fader and Converse. Once the RSVPs begin to trickle in for SXSW, the two most important ones to secure are the Fader Fort and Hype Hotel-if you haven’t scoped the Hype Hotel 2016 wrap-up, feel free to do so here. The Fader Fort always has the absolute best lineups. While you may not be familiar with all the names playing this year, odds are by this time in 2017 you’ll have heard many of them. Fader Fort may not always have the artists you know, but they damn sure have the people you should and/or will know. As such, it’s always one of (if not the) most coveted events at SXSW every year.





This year The Fader presented The Arcade in conjunction with Toyota Prius. Instead of being focused on upcoming musical acts, The Arcade focused on technology and comedy. This extension (in my humble Bro-opinion) was one of the most intriguing events to occur during SXSW 2016, as it exponentially increased the appeal of The Fader’s set up. Not only did The Fader Arcade include innovative technology and comedy, but they even expanded into NerdLife and gaming by housing indie arcade cabinets! Needless to say, after securing my complimentary drinks and Red Bull this was where you can find this Bro pretty much whenever I was at one of The Fader’s events. I’m sincerely hoping they expand upon this (even if it’s ever so slightly!) next year, as Lord knows SXSW can always do with a bit more GamerLife and NerdLife.



There were also multiple art installations, VR set ups and a Budweiser barbershop where people could get the slick Fader “F” shaved into the back of their heads. For obvious reasons I deemed this the “Den of drunken mistakes” but hey, hair will always grow back. Once the actual Fader Fort with Converse began, attendees were able to create their own GIFs, try out the re-designed Converse and purchase for discounted rates and also sample orange red bull-WHEN DID THIS BECOME A THING AND WHY WAS I NOT NOTIFIED IMMEDIATELY? It’s kind of like orange soda but better, because it’s Red Bull.



The focus of the Fader Fort has always been on the music, and truth be told the hours I spent chilling, sipping on drunks, thumbing through The Fader issues were great because I was able to discover new musical acts I wasn’t familiar with. As I mentioned previously I don’t really want to tout specific artists as this blog is all about the NerdLife but Estrons played a pretty mean set.



If you’re planning to attend SXSW next year, be sure to do everything in your power to secure an RSVP to The Fader Fort (and hopefully, The Fader Arcade if it makes a comeback). You will not regret it in the slightest. That’s pretty much everything your boy did at SXSW 2016 in a nutshell, and now I’ve just over a month until PAX East. Until then, catch up with your Bro on Twitch, Twitter or Instagram. Until next time, Bros!



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