Top 5 Couch Co-Op games for Xbox/Xbone



If you’ve ever popped by one of my Twitch streams ( in case you have yet to swing by and receive a virtual fist bump) you’ll know I’m all about games with couch co-op enabled. Although I’m a big fan of online multiplayer, to me couch co-op is still one of the best gaming experiences you can have. Whether you’re introducing your partner in crime, child, parent or a Bro to a title they’ve never picked up before or if you just happen to live with your favorite people to game with, couch co-op is my personal favorite way to play with a team.

While I’m certainly not trying to discount the convenience of playing with your crew online-especially as it’s ensured I stay in touch with my out-of-city-Bros-my personal preference is always to play with my partners right beside me. Since couch co-op games allow you to introduce your Bros to a plethora of titles they otherwise might not have picked up, without further ado here are my current picks for top couch co-op compatible game sessions!

  • Minecraft-Sandbox Spectacular!

I believe we’ve reached the point in #NerdLife where Minecraft has permeated the general conscious enough to recognize its familiar, blocky aesthetic. The beauty of Minecraft is the complex, multi-faceted gameplay which hides behind the simplistic veneer. The gameplay is easy to understand but grows more challenging the deeper a player delves into their one-of-a-kind, randomly generated world. Minecraft would not have grown into the behemoth it’s become unless it had a cute aesthetic and undeniably addictive gameplay. Even the most jaded-or unfamiliar-of gamers cannot help but pour countless hours into everything Minecraft has to offer.

  • Toy Soldiers: Cold War-Patriotic Tower Defense!

I’m a sucker for tower defense games when they’re done well. Toy Soldiers: Cold War is the perfect example of a tower defense title done damn near perfectly. The atmosphere eschews the more serious feel of the inaugural entry of the series and opts for a much more lighthearted and colorful aesthetic. The difficulty is not nearly as punishing and the ability to control individual units works even better in this entry. These improvements, coupled with a wide variety of maps and other control improvements ensure the action is tight yet challenging. If you’re looking for a couch co-op compatible title with a unique blend of strategy and action, Toy Soldiers: Cold War is something worth checking out.

  • BattleBlock Theater-Puzzle Platforming Perfection!

Truth be told, any title the good folks at the Behemoth craft is a fantastic choice for couch co-op. Castle Crashers is easily one of my favorite couch co-op titles of the past few years. However, BattleBlock Theater does not suffer from the repetitive game play of its predecessor. The puzzles are creative and get progressively more difficult, the narrator is one of the funniest characters I’ve ever seen in a video game, and the gameplay-while demanding-is easy enough for even the most casual of gamers to pick up and play.

  • Diablo III-Reaper of Souls-The Classic Loot-Based Co-Op/Bro-Op!

The Diablo series may be a bit more hardcore than some players are accustomed to.That being said, the gameplay is easy to pick up, and upgrading your character and items is a fairly simple process to understand which the game explains well. The loot-driven gameplay is addictive and the heavy elements of character customization means everyone will be able to build a character they love to play as. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hardcore gamer or a relative n00b-you spend some time with Diablo III and before you know it, hours will have passed. There is absolutely no better co-op title than Diablo, and it’s perfect for a couch co-op gaming session.

  • Lego Marvel Super Heroes-Play as your favorite charavcters in Lego form!

Truth be told, any of the Lego titles are exquisite couch co-op candidates. They’re traditional platformers with a simple blend of puzzles, exploration, item collecting and a large number of playable characters to choose from. While I’ve long been a fan of these titles (Specifically the Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Star Wars entries), the Marvel Super Heroes title is the only version I’ve played since acquiring my beautiful Xbone. A large number of characters with unique skillsets (Iron Man can fly, Captain American can throw his shield, etc) entrenched in a sprawling metropolis which feels like a toned-down version of Grand Theft Auto’s Liberty City is the perfect combination for hours of couch co-op fun.

In case you didn't know, I really dig Minecraft
In case you didn’t know, I really dig Minecraft

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