PAX South 2016 Day 2 Photo Wrap Up



The first day at PAX South 2016 was chock full of hands on time with exciting games and the second was no different. Since every time I walked by the AMD booth the line was capped for some hands on time with the Oculus Rift, I knew my first destination was going to be this. Considering this new technology has the potential to fundamentally alter the way I and everyone else plays video games, I believed this subject to be worthy of its own post.  If you’re interested in seeing what this Bro thought after getting some hands on time with the Oculus Rift, feel free to scope the thoughts here.

I was one of the first people in line to test the Oculus on Sunday, and considering it was still early after my time with Eve: Valkyrie, I rushed over to the Capcom booth to get some hands on time with Umbrella Corps. Since I hadn’t heard of the title prior to its showing at PAX South I was instantly intrigued when I discovered the Resident Evil series was receiving a multiplayer-centric new title. If you’re interested in what your Bro thought of this promising title, those impressions will come soon.


Since I was fortunate enough to nab hands on time with the two titles I missed out on during my first day at PAX South, I felt as if I was essentially complete. That being said, if there’s one thing I’m a sucker for it’s wandering around a Con Exhibition Hall floor aimlessly armed with nothing more than a camera and a backpack to hold swag, so here’s a few photos or Exhibitors and vendors who showed up to PAX South 2016 and weren’t featured in the Day 1 post!



Considering AMD was housing the Oculus Rift, this booth tended to be one of the most packed of the show regardless of the time of day.


The Dreadnaught/Grey Goo set up was similar to last year’s, although this booth essentially switched side with Twitch for 2016.


Alienware always shows off their fly truck and some sweet gaming rigs-maybe they’ll show up with a new low-rider to their next con? That’d make an impression…


DXRacer makes sweet gaming chairs and seemed like a natural fit for PAX.


Loot Crate had a tremendous booth at SDCC 2015, and although their PAX South showing was (understandbly) comparably smaller, they were selling a handful of bundles (one of which I bought) and had a very nifty set up.


HyperX was showing off their sweet rigs, but as I’m not too big on the PC games I didn’t partake.


This booth was always teeming with action, as well.


Astro is the only other headphone manufacturer I’d considering purchasing from (other than V-Moda) but considering I love my pair I’m not on the market at the moment.


Over the course of the weekend just outside the Exhibition Hall, Insomniac Games was present and artists were painting…something. In my haste on Saturday I completely blew by their set up, however I swung by on my way out Sunday and noticed they were promoting their newest title, Song of the Deep. The finished product was absolutely awesome and I wished I’d been able to attend all three days and snap photos of the painting’s progression.

20160201_014605567_iOS20160130_171956409_iOS 1

Even though I didn’t get to attend every day of PAX South 2016, I got my hands on some sweet swag and merch, played some upcoming releases which I’m genuinely excited for and attended a couple panels (although I only photographed one of them. They were both in the same room though, so the photos wouldn’t have been much different). Considering the scope of this year’s PAX South felt substantially bigger than last and I was able to do everything I wanted, I’d call this Con a resounding success. In April you can bet this Bro will be covering PAX East in even greater detail. Until next time, Bros!


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