Walt Disney World: Day 2



My partner-in-crime and I are the kind of people who furiously plan our vacation. We plot itineraries and once we’re somewhere (say, Disneyland or San Diego Comic Con) we hit the ground running and cover as much space as possible in as little time as we can manage. Our first trip to Disneyworld necessitated a different approach as on our third day I was going to be running a marathon-and you’re more than welcome to read how that experiement went here and here if you’re so inclined. Because of this our first two days at Disneyworld moved at a much slower pace than we’re accustomed to, but it means we got to maximize our utility in the happiest place on earth!


We started our second day back in the Magic Kingdom, as we were heading to the Crystal Palace for a buffet breakfast (I heard carbo-loading is a thing before marathons-as if I needed a reason to binge on waffles shaped like Mickey Mouse!). The food was what you’d expect-fine and overpriced-but the real draw here were the characters. Still-the atmosphere was lighthearted, the Cast Members were top-notch (as they were for a majority of our trip) and it was a great way to start off our second day at Disney.


As we were strolling around the Magic Kingdom on this particularly foggy morning, my P.I.C recommend picking up some sourveneirs for our family. Wanting to commemorate my first Marathon we decided to head alllll the way back to the Health and Fitness Expo to pick up the runDisney gear we should’ve got the day before. The free shuttle transportation between the resorts, theme parks and Expo came very frequently-I’d estimate we never waited more than ten minutes for any shuttle. That being said, the buses at the Expo dropped you far (out of necessity) from the entrance so a long walk to the event was required. This meant we lost approximately two hours of daylight traveling to and from the Expo (including the time we spent perusing the goods there, which admittedly couldn’t have been more than fifteen minutes).

After dropping off our goodies at our resort we endeavored to experience all Epcot has to offer. As soon as we walked in we marveled at the iconic Spaceship earth ride (who wouldn’t?) and decided to head straight to Test Track. The P.I.C doesn’t do rollercoasters and I’m not big on rides which swing alot, so this narrowed down the already thin list of potential attractions for us to do at Epcot. Since the standby line for Test Track was nearly an hour we decided to ride the nearby Mission: SPACE.


In order to ensure I’d be able to spend the rest of the day in the upright position we opted to do the green, less-intense training. The queue for this attraction was quite interesting, and the pre-ride movie was fun. As much as I loathe to admit, I don’t keep the truth from my Bros-even the less intense training wore your boy out. Because of this we decided to begin our stroll into the World Showcase immediately after the ride, although truth be told Epcot’s World Showcase was what I was looking forward to most of all.

Considering I had the marathon on the dockett for the following day, drinking around the world was not on the table. Eating/snacking around the world always is, though, so this is what we planned to do. We had dinner reservations for Restaurant Marrakesh in Morroco that evening, so we decide to spend our time strolling through all of the countries in the World Showcase. As a bonafide American, naturally I wanted to head straight towards the American Adventure-but to not take in the beautiful architecture and sounds of each country en route seemed like an absolute travesty.

Since my P.I.C and I were craving snacks we headed towards France, as we’d heard considerably good things about Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie. I opted to try the famous Napoleon Cake while she tried out the Duo- considering both desserts had been sitting in the display case, both were surprisingly light and flaky. Needless to say, neither dessert disappointed and if you ever find yourself strolling through Epcot, I’d happily recommend these two delicate concoctions.


Considering we were filled to the brim with sweets we decided to sit through a showing of the nearby “Impressions de France.” The film almost exclusively consisted of sweeping aerial views of the French countryside and city life, with occasional views of majestic villas. While I could see how some younger viewers may catagorize this attraction as a bit mundane, I’d recommend it for those interested in culture and all that jazz. Not only was it a nice respite from the crowds, but the viewing theatre created a very immersive experience. Plus, you’re off your feet for about 20 minutes-who doesn’t want that after spending a day running through a theme park?

After perusing all the shops (we were sure to do this in every country-as they say, “When in Rome!” or Morocco, or Cananda…) we leaisurely made our way to Japan. Exploring each country was the primary reason I was interested in finally getting to see Epcot-my favorite part of any theme park is the immersive aspect of it, where you’re almost detached from the “real world” for lack of a better term. The architecture, background music, attire of Cast Members-everything about Epcot was on point. There was even an exhibit on all things “Kawaii”, and while I certainly won’t spoil some of the interesting things you’ll see, I did snap a pic of one of my favorite characters for all my gamers out there.


After Japan it was time for what I’d been waiting for-The American Adventure. Suffice it to say, if you’re a patriot or even care remotely about the good ol’ U.S. of A., this is an attraction you need to attend. Not only is the show itself led by some of the greatest animatronic minds from our country’s history, the building itself is plastered with all things #Merica. From quotes from great authors (Ayn Rand’s fiction is some of my favorite work-I don’t care for all the political jargon that’s associated with it) to archeitecture associated with our country’s most famous buildings, this is a show you need to see. End of story. If you go to it and your heart doesn’t swell with American pride, you’re either not from this country or you weren’t paying attention during the show.


After we got through with the most American attraction of all time, we were greeted by sheets of rain. We sprinted as best we could to Restaurant Marrakesh to secure our table. The food was much better than I anticipated-we both ordered chicken kebabs which were not dry in the slightest and could’ve passed for a “real world” establishment with ease. While I didn’t really comprehend the need for a bellydancer to perform while my P.I.C and I discussed our day over bread, the atmosphere was energetic and the theming was as exquisite as anything else we’d seen during our time at Epcot. Considering the proximity of our table to those dining next to us (it felt as if we were sitting almost at the same table-my only complaint about the entire experience) I didn’t take out my camera to snap any pictures of the restaurant. Still-the food was much better than I anticipated and if you’re in the mood for some kebabs during your visit to Epcot, I can confidently say you won’t be disappointed with the quality of your meal at Restaurant Marrakesh-althoug that’s not to say you’ll love the price!


This is a photo I snapped early in the day as we passed through Morocco on our way to explore other countries. Considering the rain was pouring down and I had the tackle the marathon the next morning, we elected to call it an early night at Epcot and head back to our hotel. If you’re going to head to Epcot, I recommend taking your time and soaking in the ambience of the World Showcase. While drinking and snacking around the world are noble endeavors I plan to undertake (hopefully) in the near future, the true value of the park undoubtedly stems from the unique atmosphere of each country juxtaposed with one another in the World Showcase. I for one cannot wait to go back-and when we do hopefully it’ll be more sunny! Until next time, Bros!


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