2015 TruBros Wrap-Up


Today is the day 2015 comes to a close, and considering tonight is going to be filled with reflection, food, drinks and a healthy dose of #NerdLife gaming (Harry Potter-themed Trivial Pursuit, more than likely), now seems like the appropriate time to review the first (full) year of the TruBros. We nabbed quite a few #Exclusives, hit up multiple Cons and traveled all in the name of providing you Bros with the best photos, tips and tricks for all things #NerdLife and #ConLife-without further ado, let’s wrap up 2015 right!


The #Exclusive limited edition PAX South 2015 pin!
The #Exclusive limited edition PAX South 2015 pin!

Our first Con of 2015 was the inagural PAX South, and our first Con of 2016 will be the 2nd annual iteration. While the number of panels at PAX South 2015 was significantly lower than we’re accustomed to, I’m willing to bet this was due to the Con only being in it’s infancy. I’m sure the good folks at Penny Arcade will have another stellar (and hopefully, larger) showing at PAX South 2016, and we cannot wait to attend to provide y’all with more #Exclusive chasing tips as well as panel reviews. Here’s hoping 2016 sees the Bros hit up more than one of the illustrious PAX Conventions!



I (and your boy APNote) intially decided to fire up this blog not only as a means of chronicling our #ConLife and #NerdLife adventures, but to back our Bros up: the first time we attended a Con together (#RTX 2014), we found navigating the schedule a bit overwhelming. Once I hit up the #SDCC behemoth for the first time, you can imagine that feeling was increased exponentially. We wanted to ensure our first-time and veteran #ConLife comrades-in-arms can always find tips and tricks for things they may not be intricately familar with. Whether it’s suggestions on which gear to pick up or tips on how to navigate the battlefield of securing #Exclusives, your TruBros are going to have you covered. We’ve got suggestions on #ConLife essentials, how to secure amiibos and once next year’s #SDCC rolls around we’ll hit you with more Con-specific tips…although I’ve got already compiled a suggested packing list for the Con of all Cons.

unnamed (8)

As I sit here contemplating what I’m going to eat tonight (because let’s be real: holidays and vacations are all about them #Eats) I’m reminded that in a matter of days I’ll be tackling the 2016 Walt Disney World Marathon. 2015 saw this Bro tackle his first 5k, and for some reason this led me to believe I’d be able to complete a marathon just as easily. Although I’m sure my knees and ankles will absolutely abhor me after the fact, that’ll be Monday Merlin Chico’s problem (since the marathon is on a Sunday). Will the fact I’m taking on a marathon soon deter your Bro from eating and imbibing all the best #Eats on the last day of 2015? You can bet it sure won’t, since I’m no quitter!


You can ask anyone I converse with on a regular basis-the thing I’m focused on more than anything is #SDCC. While the odds were not if your Bro’s favor for pre-registration, I’ve fingers crossed things will go better during general registration. Considering I’ve finally come up with a rock-solid plan for nabbing #Exclusives, running the floor and attending the awesome offsite events, I’m hoping the crew and I are able to attend #SDCC2016. Regardless, you can bet in the weeks leading up to it your Boy will provide you with numerous posts detailing how both Vets and n00bs alike can maximize their time at #SDCC.


I’d be remiss if I didn’t confess the desire to attend Walt Disney World didn’t stem from visiting the American icon-Disneyland-for the first time. Although I’ve still no earthly idea why I decided to tackle the marathon (considering I’ve done next to no training), attending Disneyland was an unforgettable experience. I look forward to returning-perhaps to take on a half-marathon at some point?

Main StageWelcome Photo

Considering #RTX 2014 was where it all began for your Bros, you can bet we hit up #RTX2015. Although a bevy of personal reasons prevented us from attending any panels or nabbing any sweet #Exclusives, running the floor is always the best part of any Con. We’re looking forward to #RTX2016, and we’re excited their combining their efforts with SGC (ScrewAttack Gaming Convention in case you never hit it up).


The latter part of my year has been spent dabbling in all things #NerdLife-I attended a few good ol’ rasslin’ shows, have spent more hours than I care to admit playing some of the top games of the year and have been fortunate enough to secure some nifty #Exclusives. It’s been one heck of a year for your TruBros and I’m glad I’ve been fortunate enough to share it with all you Bros. 2016 will undoubtedly bring more Cons, tips, tricks and #Exclusives everyone’s way, and you can bet your Bros will be there to share it with y’all. Until next year, Bros!


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