Mass Effect Limited Edition Loot Crate Unboxing


The Mass Effect series is undoubtedly one of my top video game series’ of all time. Frequenters of this blog know by now if there’s one thing this Bro is all about, it’s them #Exclusives. Although I’ve never been a big fan of Loot Crate (more on this later), I found the allure of securing some Mass Effect-themed #Exclusives too overpowering. After missing out on the Fallout 4-themed limited edition Loot Crate, when the Mass Effect-themed was announced I decided to fork over the cash for it-despite my reservations.

I previously subscribed to Loot Crate for a solid four months approximately three years ago and did not find any of the boxes particularly appealing-truth be told I ended up gifting away a majority (if not all) of their contents. Couple this with less than stellar packaging experiences-as most of the boxes’ content were seemingly just tossed in the trademark black box-and the fact most boxes were not sealed, and I was anything but a Loot Crate diehard. After seeing the #Exclusive Loot Crate offerings at #SDCC2015, my disdain for Loot Crate had been reaffirmed. Still-if this Bro is one thing it’s hopeful. Without further ado, here’s the unboxing post!

20151218_012208533_iOS20151218_012217730_iOS20151218_012251061_iOSThe box suffered a few signs of battle-damage during shipping, but it’s fairly sturdy so obviously none of the contents were damaged. That being said, the boxed was not taped shut at all-when it arrived The flaps were open, leading me to believe some of the #Exclusive contents were missing. Fortunately this was not the case, as Loot Crate provided a neat shipping manifesto which confirmed I received all of the intended contents. Still-a couple pieces of tapes would’ve provided some layer of security. As you can tell, the package of socks in the bottom right hand corner was already undone-due to shenaigans? Inferior packaging? YOU BE THE JUDGE, BROS. It’s a sharp looking box at first glance, and few things are as satisfying as opening a box full of N7 -themed gear.

20151218_012358192_iOS20151218_012515455_iOS20151218_012522438_iOSFirst up is an #Exclusive N7 car emblem. I actually have an N7 sticker on the back windshield of my personal Normandy (Spoiler alert: it rarely goes over 65mph), but I’m a big fan of these types of emblems. I’ve got one for my Spurs, and as soon as I wash my car you can bet this beauty will go on there.

20151218_012551753_iOS20151218_012610569_iOS20151218_012650276_iOSLike Commander Shepard, these Bros have been known to enjoy the occasional drink or two. While we aren’t frequenting seedy establishments run by Asari crimelords, we do enjoy dancing (terribly) after receiving libations from barkeeps, whether they are Batarians or just boring old-humans. These gorgeous glasses are perfect for either consuming or just sitting on the shelf-the perfect #Exclusive!

20151218_012712342_iOS20151218_012722591_iOS20151218_012809123_iOSThis Bro isn’t big on themed or long socks-but the partner in crime is. Although she and I both thought we could’ve done with one identical set instead of two mis-matched pairs, they are good looking and appear to be made of high quality material, and I’m sure will serve their primary function well.

20151218_012856254_iOS20151218_012921486_iOSAre you a “Biotic god”? Neither am I-but would this cute little Volus bro by your side you too will feel like you’re capable of taking on a pack of Eclipse mercnaries! Eh, maybe you won’t-but he’s small, not too squishy and makes the partner in crime make the signature Volus “wheeze” every time I bring him around-I’d say he’s serving his purpose!

20151218_012955793_iOS20151218_013000335_iOS20151218_013009742_iOSThe partner in crime loves list, and this will serve it’s intend purpose well. A good looking #Exclusive.

20151218_013031775_iOS20151218_013106790_iOS20151218_013149288_iOSThis is the bread and buter of the box. Although it isn’t a Loot Crate #Exclusive (and I’ve already a thicker, similar hoodie from the Bioware store), it’s soft, fitted and very comfortable to wear. Considering I’ve already my other hoodie, the partner in crime has already comandeered this bad boy and I don’t blame her in the slightest. This and the shot glass set make this particular limited edition Loot Crate worth the price of admission for me.


The multitude of posts I’ve composed centered around the illustrious #ConLife illustrate I’m quite picky when it comes to bags. As you can tell from the photos this backpack is little more than a thin, gimmicky bag which more than likely would only house a paltry amount of gear and certainly wouldn’t hold up to the same amount of wear and tear as my trusty bag. Still-it’s one heck of a gimmick to have, and the partner in crime is already plotting appropriate uses for it.

20151218_013333392_iOS20151218_013401974_iOSAn #Exclusive variant cover of a Mass Effect graphic novel featuring the TruBro Thane? Count this Bro in! The provided packing list is quite handy, and provides a quick synopsis of all the items included in the crate-useful for knowing none of the pieces are missing!


The Loot Crate box itself is quite handsome, truth be told. Although I’m not the biggest fan of Loot Crate, I’m a big fan of all things Mass Effect and am all about those #Exclusives. Fortunately this particular box included a few unique and unexpected items which made it worth the hefty investment, although I could certainly see how your mileage could vary depending upon your predilections. Here’s hoping the new year brings tons of #NerdLife #Exclusives our way. Until next time, Bros!


3 thoughts on “Mass Effect Limited Edition Loot Crate Unboxing

  1. Please learn to limit your use of the phrase “partner in crime”. Jeez, dude. It’s cute at first and gets excessive quickly.


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