#BroFuel: Top marathon gaming snacks


I’ve a confession to make: I’ve not partaken in a days-long marathon gaming session since the release of Halo 4. Work, responsibilities and a myriad of other tasks have prevented me from doing what I truly adore: sitting around and playing legit AAA video games! However, with the release of Fallout 4 fast approaching I know this is going to change-and this simple fact got me thinking. During my younger days (see: Halo 2, KOTOR, Fallout: New Vegas) a marathon gaming session could last for days, and to ensure I maintained my mad skillz (ha!) I would gorge myself on soda, slim jims, pizza…you get the idea.

Yet now as I gear up to face the world of Fallout 4 I stand before you Bros as an older, well, Bro-and for some crazy reason I signed up for that marathon come January. Being older means my tastes have gotten a bit more refined (still digging the pizza-slim jims, not so much) and I’m a tad more selective about what #BroFuel I pick up due to the training I’m supposed to be doing. Since I know I’m not the only Bro that’s going to be hitting the consoles hard this upcoming holiday season I thought I’d let y’all know what I’ll be grabbing to fuel my marathon gaming sessions. I try to keep the snacks-relatively-healthy, but at the end of the day when you’re throwing down with some Deathclaws you want to be sure you’ve got #BroFuel that’s tasty enough to help you stay focused. Without further ado, onto the eats!


While I enjoy coffee immensely, I prefer to have it in the A.M-and not at 2:35 in the early morning when I’m stuck battling a particularly annoying boss, or on a rare (for me, at least) PvP hot streak. When I’m in need of a jolt of caffeine and sugar, my two go to drinks are Bawls and Maine Root soda. Each bottle of Bawls bears a warning which states the beverage contains high level of caffeine (‘nuff said) so you can bet it’ll keep on your toes…or possibly wind up on caffeine overload. Maine Root is sweetened with pure cane sugar and is just the best soda I’ve ever had-although I’m sure I’m going to find more than a handful of cases of the Nuka Cola Quantum Jones Soda at my side….


The biggest thing I look for in a snack (besides taste-come on, now) is to select something filling. Jerky fits the bill perfectly, and although it can be a little high in sodium it also has a decent amount of protein-hey, when I’m gaming I’m not looking at ideal nutritional value. Still, both of these two brands are stellar-quite flavorful but not overpowering, or straight dripping salt. The Turkey Perky Jerky is a bit more moist and chewy than traditional jerkys, but it’s got a great flavor and the entire bag of the original is only 160 calories. And yes, you’re going to want the whole bag. Krave is a more traditional, dry style jerky-and neither option has any added nitrates of any of the other junk I hear is bad for you.


If you’ve combed through my first runDisney post you know I carry these bad boys on any long distance runs. They’re organic and each pouch is around 70 calories-but I really dig these because unlike most fruit snacks they don’t taste as if they’re overloaded with sugar and chemicals. They’ve got a smooth, understated flavor and are as just enjoyable on a couch in an Xbox Live Party as they are when you’re out on the trail on your own.


Since I’m trying to do this whole “Not-eat-a-bag-of-chips-in-one-sitting” thing as I prep for the WDW Marathon, I’ve tried to shy away from any bagged, processed empty carbs. Still, when I’m gaming I love me some salty goodness, and in order to get something of value from my pretzel of choice with humus. The Snack Factory pretzel crisps are thin, crispy and pair perfectly with hummus-and a serving is 11 crackers and clocks in at 100 calories, so when I toss a serving on a plate I’m just sure to count them out. I’m partial to the Grandma’s brand of humus because to me it’s got a classic, smooth flavor-but there are a number of great brands available.


Regardless if you’re into #NerdLife or not, what age you are, if you care for working out, if you live the #ConLife or don’t, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Pizza is awesome. While making pizza at home or going to a legit restaurant is always preferable, when you’re in the middle of a marathon gaming session (or are just plain lazy, like your boy is) you don’t have time to spare. Frozen pizza tends to be high in sodium and all that jazz, but suffice it to say we all know it’s not the healthiest meal you can make. That being said, 8 of these guys (a serving is 4) are substantially filling and may even be enough for two Bros if you’re not starving-and each serving has a solid 10g of protein. That’s legit.

  • Walnuts / Almonds

I know I’m probably venturing into “boring” territory here, but I’m keeping it straight by letting y’all know when I opt for when I’m snacking. Nuts can be high in fat so I try not to grab too many, but I hear they’re healthy for you overall. All I know is they’re a solid and filling option when I’m in need of a snack.  I always opt for the plain variety since I’m loading up on sugar and caffeine-helps the flavors balance one another out.

I also do various fruits and veggies, but since these typically require some sort of “effort” such as washing, when I’m prepping for a marathon these are not on my shopping list-save for baby carrots and bananas. I’m also a big fan of the Brookside chocolate covered fruit, but in an effort to curb sugar I’m nixing these guys from my pre-Fallout 4 shopping list. Let me know if there are any fairly healthy snacks you Bros opt for during your marathon gaming sessions-I’m always on the prowl for more #BroFuel. Until next time, Bros!

*Disclaimer: Nobody paid your Bro to mention any of these eats. These are just what I dig, so if you don’t think they’re healthy or good well-this is a #NerdLife blog!


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