Pebble Time Steel Review


Best part of the Pebble Time? Getting to have Mickey as your watchface

I was a big fan of the original Pebble, so the second the Pebble Time Steel Kickstarter was announced your Bro suffered from a subtle case of: SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! While I’ve never been one for heavy app usage on the Pebble (it is a watch after all), I do enjoy the convenience of being able to read notifications on my wrist and the ability to swap out watch faces as frequently as I wish. Now that I’ve had it on my hands for quite some time (as has my stylish partner-in-crime) I feel as if I’m able to provide my Bros with an accurate assessment of-what I consider to be-the top smartwatch available on the market.  That being said, the usability (or practicality) of smartwatches overall is up for debate-do they really do more than show text messages and allow you to play addictive games? To get to the bottom of this particular conundrum let’s jump right in my review of the Pebble Time Steel! (short version: Awesome watch that looks stylish and has a litany of apps available. If you’re on the market for a smart watch, seriously consider the Pebble Time Steel)

The partner-in-crime loves it

Allow me to confess straight off the bat-I don’t think smartwatches are the most worthwhile investment. Sure, the Pebble Time Steel (and presumably its competitors) allow you check the weather on your wrist, read text messages as they come in, reject calls, order an Uber, track you Domino’s pizza order, pay for Starbucks…but is it really that much of a hassle to dig into your pocket, purse-or if you’re feeling particularly 90’s, your belt clip-and take out your phone? If you’re attempting to determine the overall value of a smartwatch by measuring the amount of time you save by not taking out your phone…I doubt you’re saving countless hours by using your phone to order an Uber opposed to using your phone. Still, I could see how some people could view this as a tremendous benefit-to each is their own.

As I mentioned previously, I primarily use the Pebble Time Steel as a watch. While I’m still waiting for my swag metal band to arrive (should arrive any day now), the watch looks substantially more heavy duty than the original Pebble. Granted this could possibly be attributed to the fact I did not possess the Steel version of the original Pebble-regardless, this watch looks more like a watch than the original Pebble, and goes well with pretty much anything I wear. I ordered a Pebble Time Steel black for myself and a silver for my partner-in-crime, and we’ve both found since we received them we’re able to wear them with pretty much anything-I would assume the metal bands we’re waiting for would only contribute to the sleek and timeless look of the Pebble Time Steel .

The original Pebble on the left, Pebble Time Steel on the right

The Pebble Time Steel excels in the area of basic functionality. The biggest drawback of any smartwatch is undoubtedly the need to charge it, and despite wearing the watch to work every day and most of the time on the weekends, I only charge it about once a week. I immediately ordered a screen protector upon receipt of my watch, and thus far despite nearly every-day use since its arrival I’ve no tremendously noticeable scratches or blemishes.  Considering how light it feels upon the wrist (the Pebble site says it weighs 62.3 grams-2.19 ounces, if you’re interested) I consider this to be proof its relatively durable.  Additionally, whenever I begin to receive a low-power warning, the watch never takes more than a couple hours to charge-if only my phone would recharge so quickly!

I use the Pebble Time Steel with an iPhone and the accompanying app is extremely simply to use. You simply navigate to “Get apps” or “Get watchfaces” and navigate it as you would any app store. If the specific app you’re interested in downloading requires a companion app on your phone, this is pointed out from within the Pebble app. I typically use the Mickey watch face since I’m now hooked on the House of Mouse (as you can tell from previous posts here) and whenever I check the time or date I cannot help but smile. The colors are vibrant (not as vibrant as the Apple Watch, mind you) and the screen automatically lighting up when I check the time is a useful and welcome feature.

The watchfaces I currently have
The watchfaces I currently have

There are a plethora of apps and watch faces available via the Pebble app, yet as I mentioned I primarily use the watch to tell time and check the notifications I receive on my phone. Being able to quickly check the weather, utilize a stopwatch or timer, scope a calendar or use a calculator is a nifty benefit, and I’m sure users who opt to use other more functional apps view the Pebble Time Steel as a vital part of their everyday routine. While I cannot state definitively for all my Bros if the Pebble Time Steel (or any smartwatch, for that matter) is a worthwhile investment or not, I can tell you I find it to be an efficient and functional watch, and while my partner-in-crime was dismissive when I ordered them, I seldom see her without it now. If you’re on the market for a smartwatch or just a watch in general, I strongly advise you to scope out the new Pebble Time Steel-it’s got a lot of swag, and at the end of the day we know that’s all that really matters. Until next time, Bros!

Awesome Kickstarter engraving
Awesome Kickstarter engraving

*Disclaimer: Nobody paid your boy to give this review. I purchased the watch and use it every day-if I thought it sucked, I’d let you know.


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