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The best part of being an adult? You can do whatever you want! (For the most part) You can spend your money how you see fit (see: all the #Exclusives we’ve secured from living that #ConLife) and spend your time doing what you please (See: #ConLife). Since I technically meet the definition of being an “adult”, I’ve no qualms admitting I watch a healthy number of Cartoons, and considering most of the ones I’m going to discuss below have a presence at #SDCC, I’m going to assume they meet the definition of falling under the #NerdLife umbrella. As such, below you’ll find my list of current top cartoons, with info provided on where to watch them legally (I’m not about breaking any laws) and why you should check them out!

  • Steven Universe


Cartoons are inherently designed for children, but as I mentioned numerous times in this post’s intro, I’m an adult-as such I seek out the lighthearted animation style associated with most cartoons, but I’m a sucker for a complex narrative. Steven Universe fits that mold perfectly. It has some of the best pacing of any show (animated or not) I’ve ever watched, with a wonderful slow-burn throughout the entire first season. The music is exquisite, varied and is not used too frequently. It features the strongest female characters of any animated show I’ve watched and tells complex tales of love, loss, loyalty, war and family all through the eyes of the titular young protagonist. I don’t know if the kids are “up on it” like they should be, but I’d recommend this for both adults and children alike (and hopefully the Steven Universe panel during #SDCC2016 doesn’t take place when I’m camping for Legos). Watch it-now. You’ll thank your Bro later

-Scope it on Hulu

  • Bravest Warriors


I’m typically not a fan of watching things which don’t air straight on television (I’m old and boring, sue me) however I’ve made an exception for Bravest Warriors. The art-style is immediately recognizable and being strikingly similar to Adventure Time and while the humor does share some similarities, this show is a bit more clever in my humble Bropinion. This show tells a large overarching narrative much like Steven Universe, however I’d call this a more adult version of Adventure Time. Definitely worth checking out online if you’ve got a few minutes.

-Since it’s online you can scope episodes here

  • Rick and Morty


This entry is decidedly not for the kiddos. Airing on Adult Swim, this show features more foul language than you can shake a stick at in every episode-it’s also one of the most fast paced animated comedy shows I’ve seen. The shows primary  drunken genius protagonist-Rick-and his grandson Morty travel across the universe-similar to Doctor Who if the Doctor was a drunken, cold-hearted jerk who cares more about making a buck than being altruistic. It features adult themes and crude humor, however if you’re interested in a show that’s sure to make you laugh (but not everyone you know is going to love) and you don’t mind inappropriate jokes, this one’s worth scoping.

-Airs on Adult Swim

  • Bob’s Burgers


Although I wouldn’t categorize this show as being great for the kiddos, considering I’m placing it on this list after Rick and Morty, Bob’s Burgers could be considered downright tame in comparison. This show is incredibly snarky, and outlandish acts by each character in every episode make it pleasantly unpredictable. References are made to the current, retro, popular and obscure and the hijinks the central family always find themselves in makes for one of the most interesting shows on television.

-Scope it on Netflix and Hulu

  • The Venture Bros.


Speaking of shows which are incredibly snarky and feature heartless characters, The Venture Bros is one of my favorite animated shows of all time. It combines elements of numerous genres-retro Hanna-Barbara cartoons, spy thrillers such as James Bond, aspects typically associated with superheroes-and melds them into one cohesive and absurd whole. Following the adventures of the titular Venture family, this show also features an over-arching narrative with countless quotable characters, and is one of the most amusing and unpredictable cartoons you can watch. Sidenote: Although it’s not as crass as Rick and Morty, this show is definitely not for kids.

-Scope it on Adult Swim and Netflix

  • BONUS: Futurama


Futurama is my favorite animated show of all time, however, since it’s no longer airing new episodes, I’ve included it on this list as a “bonus.” The show about the Planet Express crew is hardly a secret; however despite its popularity (or perhaps due to it) I’m sure there’s bound to be people who haven’t taken the time to scope it. Quicker, cleverer and with more heart than its cousin The Simpsons, Futurama is a show which can make you laugh at the absurd remarks uttered by its clueless crew one episode, and then have you crying the next. It’s got a lot of heart and the fact every season is available to stream on Netflix means no one should miss out on this gem.

-Just go buy every season! Or Scope it on Netflix

Although these aren’t all of the cartoons I watch (anyone else love ReBoot?) these are most of them. If you know of any hardcore #NerdLife cartoons I haven’t included on this list, feel free to add them in the comments and let us know why we need to scope them out. Until next time, Bros!

*All pictures stolen from Facebook


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