TruBros Current top iPhone games


As you know, the Bros are all about gaming-doesn’t matter the method. Whether we’re waiting in line for a Con, a movie, or even watching football or basketball, there’s always ample opportunity to get your gaming fix in. Sometimes carrying your 3DS isn’t practical, or perhaps you haven’t ponied up for a dedicated mobile gaming device-either way, there’s a multitude of good games available for download on your phone. Since y’all know the Bros are all about the gaming, here’s a list of our current top iPhone games.

  • Candy Crush Saga
Levels get progressively more difficult

This is a bit of an underrated gem that’s a bit off the radar, you might not have heard of it…Ha! Everyone and their mother has heard of Candy Crush-whether it be in the form of commercials, pop culture references or from having an Aunt or a teacher that’s been really into it. While certainly not the most complex game out there, it has a wealth of levels and the puzzles become progressively more difficult. A great game to pick up when you’re in need of a quick fix and have a few minutes to kill.

  • Steven Universe: Attack the Light!
Old-school turn based battle system? I'm hooked!
Old-school turn based battle system? I’m hooked!

For real this time: Steven Universe is an underrated gem of a show. This is a turn-based fighting game reminiscent of Final Fantasy or Super Mario RPG (going old-school, here) with lite RPG elements. You essentially direct Steven and the Crystal Gems where to go and they engage in combat-don’t confuse this with Dragon Quest, though. You won’t spend any time actually exploring, the meat of the game is combat. However, fans of the show will undoubtedly be enamored with the art style, music and voice acting of the game, and if you’re into old-school timed-attack RPGs, you should consider checking this guy out.

  • Bakery Story
One of these days I'll have to actually organize this...
One of these days I’ll have to actually organize this…

I’ll admit-I’m a sucker for those timed, social, casual games. While there’s no shortage of them on Facebook or in the app store, this is the only one these Bros have been consistently playing for a long time. You customize the look of your bakery, add friends to send them food or pieces to build specific equipment, serve your food and check in 8 hours later. It’s a simple game, but as you can tell from the provided screenshot, I’ve been playing this bad boy for a long, long, time.

  • Threes
As long as you can keep combining cards, you can keep playing
As long as you can keep combining cards, you can keep playing

Threes is a title that’s difficult to explain but easy to understand once you see it in practice. You combine cards on a 4×4 card-combine a “1” and a “2” card to make a “3” card, but then you can only combine a “3” card with another “3” card to make a “6”, and “6” only combines with “6”…with the caveat “1” and “2” cards are continually added-and try to create a high a score as possible. It’s a game that requires some simple math skills and advance planning, and it’s one of the most addictive mobile games I’ve ever played. And since there’s some math that probably means it’s educational…right?

  • Contre Jour
The distinctive art style and music hooked me on this title a looooong time ago
The distinctive art style and music hooked me on this title a looooong time ago

This one’s an ancient game-in App Store time at least. That being said, the striking art style and exquisitely relaxing soundtrack compliment the admittedly not-too-complex puzzle aspects of the title tremendously. If you’re looking for a puzzle game with a unique look that you won’t mind turning off Spotify while you play-this one’s an oldie, but goodie.

I’ll admit, neither one of us have a truly large number of games on our phones as we tend to keep our gaming focused on consoles. Still, there are times when a quick mobile game is all you’ve got access to and you just need your gaming fix or to pass the time, and we think each of the aforementioned is a viable choice. As you can tell, none of our selections are brand-spanking new-any suggestions for the Bros to download? Until next time, Bros!

*All included pics are screenshots from my phone


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