runDisney: Walt Disney World Marathon Training Essentials


Taken aback by the title of this particular post, Bros? I’ll admit-it looks a bit funny to me. Yesterday I was sitting with my partner-in-crime and vehemently declared: “I could run a marathon.” So I signed up and in just a few short months I’ll be attempting to run a full marathon….having only completed a “fun ruck” 5k thus far. Still-I figure people of all ages and skillsets tackle these behemoths, and while I’m certainly not in tremendous shape I’ve got some time to get into fighting (or in this case, running) shape. I don’t intend to chronicle this long and arduous process (primarily because I don’t want to bore you!) in tremendous detail, but if anyone is perusing the fountain of #NerdLife info which is and has had an epiphany that they too can complete a marathon, here’s the gear I’ll be using day in and day out to prep to run through the House of Mouse.


If there’s one thing you’ve got to splurge on when working out/running, it’s your shoes. I did a fair amount of Google-based research and decided on a couple pairs of Asics (the Gel Kayano-21 if you’re interested) and thus far they’ve been the best pair of running shoes I’ve ever owned. That being said, everyone’s feet our different and there are a number of brands who cater to runners (Brooks, Saucony, etc) so do a little research and make sure you decide on a pair that’s solid for you.

The first time I ran, I did so in regular socks. Despite wearing some of the most comfortable kicks I’ve ever owned, my toes were sore. I went to my local sporting goods store and picked up a pair of running socks and the next time I tackled a long run I felt an immediate difference. I’d recommend grabbing a pair that feels comfortable to you, but I picked these up because the seams are super thin (so you don’t notice them) and there’s a bit of extra padding on the heel.

The RunDisney website indicates wearing headphones is discouraged during the actual marathon, and I anticipate the atmosphere of the event itself will be more than enough to help me stay focused and motivated when I’m actually running. However during preparation I’m going to be running the same routes and occasionally in-doors on an Elliptical machine, so I’m using these bad boys religiously. They’re Bluetooth and the sound is decent-not great-but when running I’m not looking for V-Moda quality sound.

Since I don’t want my phone to become positively soaked from being carted around in my hand (which I’ve done before) I decided to invest in a relatively inexpensive running armband. It works decent enough and since I’d like to keep track of my pace and mileage-while jamming to some sweet tunes-it serves its purpose.


According to science or whatever (aka some fitness magazine articles I stumbled across), you need simple carbs when you’re racking up high miles. I’ve opted to go with Cliff Shot Blocks with caffeine (because I believe everything is better with caffeine) and Annie’s Fruit Snacks, as they’re relatively similar nutritionally and quite tasty. I’m all about the #BroFuel, especially when running. “But Chico-how do you carry all these tasty treats while running?” you may ask-well, the answer to that question is…

Although numerous articles I’ve read regarding the Walt Disneyworld Marathon indicate snacks and drinks will be available throughout the course, none are available during my own personal runs. I’ve picked up this Nathan running belt and it bounces very little when running despite holding a filled water bottle, snacks and my keys. The bright green is inherently fashionable (I opted for this color since I do most of my running before the sunrise), which is a bonus!

This one’s a bit personal, but a necessity when you’re gearing up for long runs. To keep things PG, you want to be comfortable so you’ll want to liberally apply this everywhere. Not a big deal when you’re running 6 or 7 miles (at least for me) but once you start getting over 10 you’re bound to start noticing the need for this stuff.

As soon as I registered for the WDW marathon my partner-in-crime’s first question was “What will you wear?” I took quite some time to decide, but I knew I had to represent my #NerdLife roots, so I’ve opted for this gorgeous bicycle jersey. If you spot me during the Marathon, feel free to flag your Bro down and give a fist-bump!

I’ll admit, I’ve never tackled a run of this magnitude before so I’m unsure if there’s anything else I need to include in my training essentials gear. If you’ve any suggestions, your Bro would love to hear them. Until next time, Bros!

*Disclaimer: No one paid your Bro to mention any of this gear. By no means am I a professional athlete nor a medical professional-I’m just a Bro who likes quality gear and this is what works for me.


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