#RTX 2015 Photo Recap


RTX 2014 was a great time, and it was at that inaugural (for us as a duo) Con your boys decided to start up this whole crazy TruBros experiment. This past weekend was RTX 2015 and there’s no way in hell your boy was going to let that pass by without hitting it up. Due to my starting a new job a couple weeks ago, I wasn’t able to hit up the first day of RTX. Unfortunately, due to my needing to get a million and one things done this weekend, I wasn’t able to camp for any of the panels I was interested in. That being said, there’s no way I wasn’t going to make the most of my time at this year’s RTX. Considering I didn’t do particularly noteworthy (or at the very least, I don’t think I did anything you Bros would be interested in reading), I didn’t want to compose a lengthy post. Still though, I’ve got to hit y’all up some of the interesting sights from RTX 2015-scope it!

Welcome Photo

Few things are as exciting as walking into a Con!

Main Stage

One of the best things about RTX is there’s a main stage where big events take place. It’s typically used to demo upcoming games (like this year’s Rainbow Six: Siege), stage a “Let’s Play!” live and hold many other attention-grabbing events. Not to mention tweets show up on screen-that’s always fun!


The 405 is an awesome cosplay group. They craft excruciatingly intricate Spartan armor, and this Masterchief is a perfect example. This picture wasn’t all that great…

Chief 2

Considering the first picture wasn’t great, I tried to snap a better one. Right when I did, the perfectly still Masterchief popped out for a zoomed in photo. Caught this Bro off-guard to say the least!

405 gear

Who wouldn’t want a gorgeous Halo sniper rifle and Spartan helmet?

Rainbow Six

I’m eagerly anticipating the release of Rainbow Six: Siege. The Rainbow Six: Vegas games were two titles I sunk a tremendous amount of time into on my Xbox 360, so Siege is a title I can’t wait to play. Hands on time with Siege was available at RTX, but considering my limited time to explore everything, I didn’t want to wait in the lengthy line. Besides-I can always just hit up the beta!

Halo helmets


Fatebringer Devil

Impact Sniper

Thorn Last Word Hawkmoon

Both the Bros, my family, my friends, my partner in crime-all of us are into the Halo series and Destiny. I’ve been dying to finally dig my hands into the cosplay realm of #ConLife, but I haven’t had the time to familiarize myself with the intricacies of the process. In the meantime, if Impact Customs ever restocks/decides to sell their replicas of The Last Word, Gjallarhorn, Thorn, Fatebringer, or you know, anything here-SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY. I SERIOUSLY DON’T CARE ABOUT THE COST IF YOU’RE READING THIS PEOPLE FROM IMPACT CUSTOMS. RESTOCK PLZ. I’LL PAY.

Pizza Hut

Combining #OldSchool games and FREE food? Match made in heaven.

Smash shirt

Smash badges

I’m digging Super Smash Bros 3DS (playing as Villager whenever I can find the time) and loved the N64 one, so the second I spotted this gear from Level Up at PAX South I regretted not picking it up. No way I was going to make the same mistake twice!

Let's play live

Achievement Hunter

Tower of pimps


One corner of the floor was dedicated to straight gaming and photo ops-any time I can snap of a pic of anything Minecraft-related, especially the Tower of Pimps-sign me up!


I was dying for another RTX lanyard from the Behemoth, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to nab one. I loved getting some more hands-on time with Pit People and cannot wait for the title to release.

Arcade Sign

Arcade Top

Street Fighter

Got mad love for ScrewAttack and both the Bros were disappointed we weren’t able to hit up #SGC this year (RIGHT after #SDCC2015?! COME ON, SCREWATTACK!), but we loved the SGC Arcade at PAX South. Any time my partner-in-crime and I can steal a moment to ourselves when we’re living the crazy #ConLife and play a game together, we’re gonna seize it. I confess-I lost this round. Maybe I let her win, maybe I didn’t-you play the game to have fun, you know? Still, I’ve got to get the Angry Video Game Nerd game.


RTX 2015 was a great time, and even though I had a limited amount of time to hit up all things related to the Con, I had a great time. I’ve still got a few posts I’ve got to compose for you Bros related to a variety of all things #NerdLife and #ConLife, so stay tuned. Until next time, Bros!


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