Ant-Man Quick Review



Last night the crew and I decided to scope out the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Ant-Man. This is only a quick review, meaning this bad boy is SPOILER FREE, so if you’re interested in some quick #BroThoughts regarding the tone, pacing and atmosphere of the film you’re in the right place! In case you’re short on time but are dying to know what your Bro thought of Paul Rudd’s portrayal of Scott Lang, let me just say: it was a heck of a lot more enjoyable than I anticipated, and I can’t wait to see what role the teeny-tiny man plays in the MCU in the future. Marvel has composed a superhero caper film, and this shift in atmosphere not only fits the character and his powers, but breathes new life into the MCU.

Disclaimer: I did not plan on seeing Ant-Man in theaters. After seeing the initial trailer for the film I decided Marvel had finally lost it, and I vehemently believed this would be the film where the MCU began to suffer from oversaturation and we (#NerdLife enthusiasts) would begin to grow weary of superhero cinema. I believe I was gravely mistaken. Perhaps it was a potent combination of my own low expectations, a stellar cast, the constant self-awareness the film displayed, the organic comedy bits (which at times are just a tad heavy handed) or some of the most innovative action sequences the genre has ever seen, but Ant-Man was pretty darn entertaining. Paul Rudd was much better than I expected as Scott Lang (did ANYONE nod their head in agreement when that casting was announced?) but Michael Douglas as Hank Pym was (for this Bro, at least) the real star of the show, as he provided a gravitas this film desperately needed. Paul Rudd displayed is trademark brand of casual humor, and the juxtaposition with his more serious counterparts (Douglas and Lilly) and more overt comedic relief sidekicks allowed him to shine in the role of Lang.

Tiny menu crafted especially for Ant-Man!
Tiny menu crafted especially for Ant-Man!

While this is certainly one of-if not the most-comedic films Marvel has crafted to date, what allowed the film to shine was the action sequences. The movie did a great job of establishing the scale of the world as seen through the eyes of Lang while he wears the suit, an imperative facet of the character’s development. Additionally, while many action movies have a “training montage,” I’d wager the Ant-Man montage is one of the most humorous. While the titular hero is learning to utilize the suit proficiently (and later during the film’s climatic battle sequence) the audience is continually reminded of the character’s scale in the movie ‘s world, which serves as a quick injection of humor during action scenes those familiar with the MCU know all too well. Ant-Man also firmly reinforces it’s position in the MCU, which after seeing the film, has me excited at the possibility of having another hero with comedic chops, albeit in a much more affable and less snarky tone than Tony Stark.

To keep this review quick and spoiler-free, let me reiterate: Ant-Man exceeded my (admittedly low) expectations tremendously, and I’m excited to see how the character will contribute to the MCU in the future. The character’s powers and personality serve as a tremendous contrast to the powerhouse, familiar names of those in the Avengers ranks-something the MCU needs in order to remain fresh and interesting. Also, let me just say-isn’t the retro-inspired look of the Ant-Man suit one of the coolest superhero looks we’ve gotten in a while? Until next time, Bros!


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