SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 4: Sunday

SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 4: Sunday


After returning home to Texas and indulging in some of the most amazing #BroFuel (Franklin’s BBQ, scope our Instagram for mouth-watering pictures), I noticed I’ve been slacking when it comes to providing you with the TruBros recap of #SDCC2015. My sincerest apologies, Bros. Without further ado, here’s the recap of our final day at the Con to end all Cons, #SDCC2015.

Sunday morning began in much the same vein as Saturday; after a long night of camping and a mad dash to Sails Pavilion, my fingers were crossed in the hopes of securing tickets to purchase the #LegoSDCC #Exclusives we hadn’t secured on Thursday and Friday. This year Lego only sold three #SDCC #Exclusive sets, and there was a random draw on Sunday in order to sell a limited number of all three sets. As luck would have it, we were able to secure tickets for the random draw so as soon as the Exhibition Hall floor opened it was straight to the Lego booth. We were the first twenty people to be allowed into the Lego booth and the results speak for themselves:

InstagramCapture_17646b4a-ccdf-43db-a42a-041c687d59b2 InstagramCapture_12867849-68d2-484b-86ad-9d7a6bf34885 WP_20150711_13_36_26_Pro

Once we secured all three #LegoSDCC #Exclusive sets, I considered #SDCC2015 a victory, however this Bro was not about to allow the final day of the Con of all Cons to go by without partaking in the activities. After dropping off the Lego sets we huffed it over to Hall H in order to see if we’d be able to squeeze our way into that morning’s Supernatural panel, and we were lucky enough to make it into the panel for the second straight year. Supernatural is a show that’s near and dear to the heart and has been for a long time, and it’s always a pleasure to hear interesting anecdotes and amusing comments from the cast and creators.


Right after our one panel in the legendary Hall H had concluded, it was time to race over to #NerdHQ for the second #ConversationsForACause panel which I was lucky enough to secure tickets to-the #KingOfTheNerds, Captain Mal himself: Nathan Fillion. This was the main thing (apart from securing the #LegoSDCC #Exclusives) I’d been looking forward to at #SDCC2015, and unfortunately my feelings on the entire panel are a bit mixed. Whenever Nathan Fillion fielded questions from the audience his answers were articulate, genuine and interesting-something a fan myself absolutely loves, and the intimate atmosphere of the #NerdHQ panel simply contributes to my overall enjoyment.

Unfortunately I was unable to capture any good pictures during the panel
Unfortunately I was unable to capture any good pictures during the panel

Additionally, knowing all of the funds NerdHQ raises go to charity means I’ve never any qualms supporting any of their endeavors, and knowing I’m able to contribute while having tons of fun is simply icing on the cake. However, the ability to hear some of my favorite stars answer questions in a small setting is one of the most entertaining aspects of attending a panel. That being said, Nathan spent (I’d guess-timate) approximately 70% of the panel auctioning off memorabilia and additional items, all of which went for exorbitant sums, meaning your Bro had no chance of partaking. Again-all of this money is going to a cause which does a tremendous amount of good, so the reasoning behind this is to be praised and lauded-and I for one loved whenever Nathan completed an auction, he always reiterated how many children’s lives were going to be changed forever due to his fellow Nerds opening up their wallet.

Therefore, Nathan did a tremendous amount of good during the #ConversationsForACause I was able to attend, and even though my contribution was paltry in comparison to some of the Nerds I attended with, it was nice knowing I was able to help in some small way. Although he didn’t participate in the always fun and life-changing-for-a-Nerd-such-as-myself #SmilesForSmiles and a majority of his panel was spent auctioning items off, I’ve still got mad love for The Nerd Machine and Nathan Fillion, and I cannot wait to see what they do for #SDCC2016.

Once the panel had concluded and it was stated neither he nor the cast from Supernatural would be participating in #SmilesForSmiles, it was time for this Bro to make the most of his limited time left at #SDCC2015 while combating the fatigue that had been setting it for the better part of the last 48 hours. This meant stops by the Nintendo Lounge and main floor, as well as final (eventually fruitless) attempts to see the Adult Swim on the Green and FX Fearless Arena offsite events.

WP_20150709_18_06_23_Pro 20150709_211124515_iOS WP_20150711_12_41_29_Pro 20150709_014015275_iOS 20150709_223320245_iOS 20150709_223145741_iOS 20150709_015844466_iOS


Due to a combination of fatigue, having already secured the most elusive #Exclusives on our list, Sunday was a bit of a slow day for your Bro. That being said, #SDCC is the Con my crew and I look forward to more than any other-so much so I plan my entire year around it! I plan to do a few more follow up posts regarding the way Bandai and Lego go about their process of distributing their #Exclusives (at least the way they have for 2015) for reference, as well as general photos which I was unable to find a place for in these wrap-up posts. That being said, I’ve got a few other things I want to write about and certainly don’t want you Bros to become stricken with #ConLife overload, as I know this barrage of posts may be doing so! That was how the TruBros crew tackled #SDCC2015-until next time, Bros!


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