SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 3: Saturday


Much like the days after spending your nights camped out on the lawn in front of the San Diego convention center, the post before this and the one which will follow are all a bit blurry. Nevertheless, with the help of the numerous pictures the crew and I snapped and our stack of receipts I’m here to provide you with an in-depth recap of each of our day’s at #SDCC2015. As I stated in the last post, we spent Friday night camped out in front of the San Diego Convention Center in the hopes of securing tickets for #LegoSDCC #Exclusives, and we had hope we’d be able to also grab #Bandai tickets as well.


This meant our Saturday morning was spent in line for the #Lego draw, and once we finished there we bolted over to the nearby #Bandai line. After that mad dash was complete and we grabbed some coffee and #BroFuel we were able to gather lady luck was on our side, as we secured tickets for all the #Exclusives we were hoping for that day. Eventually I’ll do a photo post detailing how the #LegoSDCC random drawings work and the Bandai ticket draw as well, as these are two retailers we consistently want to hit up during our #SDCC adventures.

V__C125 1

With our tickets in hand it was time to line up for the Exhibition hall floor in order to attempt to secure the last few hard to come by #Exclusives on our list. My partner-in-crime headed over to the Peanuts and Thinkgeek booths to grab the free daily buttons and my Bro and I headed straight to the Hallmark booth to get our hands on their #Batman and #StarWars themed #Exclusives. Without a doubt, these are some of the cutest #Exclusives we’ve got our hands on.



Once we got those bad boys (as you can tell from our Instagram, the Bros do #NerdLife Christmas hard) it was time for us to pick up our coveted #LegoSDCC #Exclusive sets, and as you can imagine these guys have not disappointed at all.


After that #Con-making #Exclusive pick up, it was time to head to camp for the last of the #LegoSDCC ticket drawings, which was a Bioncle mask. The #ConGods smiled upon us once again, and we were able to pick up the last #Exclusive. Although I’m a big fan of anything #Lego, I’m really hoping next year’s #SDCC drawings return to being minifigs-few things are as awesome as an #Exclusive minifig of a specific character.


By this time it was time to return to the Bandai booth to grab our #Exclusives, and needless to say these highly-detailed figures did not disappoint in the slightest. Like many Bros of a certain age, we grew up on the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers and consequently we’ve a soft spot for all of Bandai’s highly coveted #Exclusives. These are some beauties.

Saba White Ranger

After picking up those #Exclusives it was time to race back to the Hilton for John Barrowman’s panel. Barrowman’s panel was easily one of the highlights for my #SDCC2014, so even though I missed the first few minutes of his #SDCC2015 panel due to needing to pick up my Bandai #Exclusives, there’s was no way I was going to miss the entirety of it (I end up missing a lot of the panels I’m interested in due to the entire first half of my day being dedicated to chasing #Exclusives of all types). John always has amusing anecdotes and provides interesting insight into his personal views toward his work and the industry overall. Couple this with his tendency to discuss matters in a decidedly “Non-PG” manner (to put it lightly) and there is no way I’m going to miss any of his panels at any Convention I attend (unless they are scheduled up against #Lego #Exclusives-I have priorities, people).


Once the panel completed, I dropped off the Bandai #Exclusives in the room and decided to venture out to check out the nearby offsite events, namely the FX Fearless Arena and the Adult Swim On The Green. Unfortunately, much like Conival, these two areas were simply overrun with people hoping to partake in the festivities, meaning I was unable to check any of them out. The Simpsons-inspired Squishee truck we hit up during #SXSW2015 made an appearance, but it (like many other offsite events) was simply too crowded to even get a decent picture of, much less actually obtain an oh-so-refreshing Squishee.

Since I was unable to participate in any of the nearby offsite events I decided to stroll through the Exhibition Hall and snap some photos of some of the awesome displays, including the DC, Funko and Hasbro booths. Below you’ll find some of the photos I was able to nab while strolling the floor.

WP_20150711_17_05_40_Pro WP_20150711_17_16_21_Pro WP_20150711_17_25_33_Pro WP_20150711_18_07_51_Pro WP_20150711_18_12_01_Pro WP_20150711_17_47_36_Pro WP_20150711_18_01_22_Pro BBC InstagramCapture_d057eb63-84a7-48f0-9645-ece4d9e635c3 WP_20150711_18_04_09_Pro

As closing time drew near it was time to head back to the hotel and rest up for the final night of overnight camping, so that’s everything I was able to tackle on Saturday of #SDCC2015. I’ll hit you with the wrap up of the final day ASAP!


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