#SDCC2015 Preview Night Recap (And Pit People first impressions)


It’s been a while since the Bros hit you with an update, but that’s because we’ve been prepping for the Grandaddy of all Cons, #SDCC2015. I just got back to the hotel room and my partner in crime has begun sorting through the plethora of #Exclusives we picked up, so while everything we just saw is fresh in the mind I wanted to provide you Bros with a recap. First things first, here’s the #exclusives we picked up on preview night.


The Bros are big fans of the Halo series and I picked up the exclusive Mass Effect ship last year, so I’ve a feeling as long as Dark Horse continues making #SDCC exclusive replica ships of awesome video game series, I’ll keep picking them up. Can’t open up the Dragon Age Inquisition Playing Cards since they’re a gift for one of my Bros, but from the pictures provided by Dark Horse they look to be quite detailed.


You can bet your bottom dollar this Bro considers himself a Browncoat, and since my wardrobe for work consists primarily of polos, I had to grab this guy. Simple and sophisticated, with just enough #NerdLife infused to keep my geek-cred high. The leaf of the wind necklace is a birthday gift for my sister, and considering her and my mom are the ones who convinced me to watch Firefly back when it aired, I know she’ll dig this #Exclusive.


This Bro always has his Bros in mind-the other half of the TruBros has mad love for TMNT, and I have a feeling he’s going to dig these.


I’ve already got the entire 50th anniversary collection of Doctor Who created by Titan Merchandise, so whenever these guys come out with a high-quality Convention #Exclusive I have to pick one up. Vinyl-chasing is something I don’t want to get into, so I’m regulating myself to picking up #Exclusive variants of the Doctors. These are some handsome devils.


Frequents of this blog know the Bros got mad love for The Walking Dead. Although pretty much everyone I know digs the show and comic series, I’ve got one friend who I’d consider more of a “Deadhead” than any other. This is going to her for her birthday in October, and although she’ll be a bit uneasy since this is Lucille after all, I know she’s gonna dig it.


These two are gifts: One for the aunt and the other for one of the most important girls in my life, the god-daughter.  You’ve got to ensure the children are well-versed in the intricacies of #NerdLife from a young age-they are the future, after all.


My partner in crime isn’t going to be too enthralled with this hulking behemoth sitting on our shelf, but a statue of Batman with Kingdom Hearts design influences? Had to pick it up. Square Enix also has an #Exclusive Big Boss statue I might end up picking up before we fly back to Texas…standby for an update (fingers crossed-some convincing might be needed on my behalf).

That’s all the #Exclusives from day one of #SDCC2015 your TruBros picked up, and there are still a few things on our list. As we pick ‘em up we’ll keep you updated. The combination of limited operating hours and the fact people are getting to see the exhibition floor for the first time means Preview Night is always a pretty hectic experience. Nevertheless, your boy and his crew were able to grab some #Exclusives, snap a whole bunch of pictures and get some hands on time with some video games. All in all, it was a pretty productive way to kick off #SDCC2015.

After the mad-dash for #Exclusives we spent an hour or so rolling through the floor scoping out the various booths. #SDCC has the most interesting exhibition floor (although the Bros are still waiting for their invite to #E3) with very intricately designed booths, and walking the floor can easily eat up a full-day. Considering there’s no shortage of things to do in and around #SDCC, we tend to gloss over the floor and divide our time between the countless panels and numerous off site event  s. However, here are some of the awesome things we scoped while scurrying around the floor tonight.


Cartoon Network always has a strong presence at #SDCC, and the new series We Bare Bears has a cool looking statue.


#SDCC2015 has me all hyped up-making me feel HARDCORE #Alpha! Like I could 1v1 the Hulkbuster!


‘Nuff said.


Xbox is giving gamers a chance to get hands on with Halo 5: Guardians. I’ve got to be careful to ensure this doesn’t take up too much of my precious Con time…


Capcom has a strong presence as well, with numerous arcade cabinets allowing gamers to get their hands on the newest Street Fighter and entries in the Devil May Cry and Resident Evil series-but seeing this guy was my main goal for this booth.


After milling around the gaming area of the exhibition floor, I noticed The Behemoth had their latest title, Pit People, available to play. Naturally your boy jumped at the chance to get some hands on time with the newest creation from the minds that brought us gamers Battleblock Theater, Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid-all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I’ll hit you with this humble Bro’s first impressions, and if you’re on the market for a quick preview: I walked away thoroughly impressed and eager to play the full title.


If you’ve played any of The Behemoth’s previous titles, the art style and humor present in Pit People are immediately recognizable. After a quick voice-over intro cinematic (voiced by I believe the same person who narrated Battleblock Theater-it’s tough to say, as even with headphones it was a bit difficult to hear with ambient noise), the change in gameplay-style from The Behemoth’s previous titles was readily apparent. Pit People is a turn-based grid-style strategy title, meaning the player no longer has direct control over the carnage inflicted upon their various enemies-a stark contrast with the action heavy titles of Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid. Although Battleblock Theater didn’t focus on direct action, it did control quite similar to The Behemoth’s other two titles. Fortunately, the shift in gameplay is the greatest difference between Pit People and the developer’s previous acclaimed work.

Essentially, the player controls a character named “Horatio” who sees his child killed by the ever-present and constantly ridiculing narrator, and then embarks on an epic journey. He picks up a few comrades-in-arms along the way and continues fighting the good fight-I know my synopsis isn’t the most detail-oriented, but we don’t play these games for their over-arching narrative. Horatio serves as a standard defensive unit-his attack is decent, but his greatest strength is his ability to deflect ranged attacks (I only encountered archers during the demo). Once you familiarize yourself with the grid/turn-based style- which the introductory level does a fantastic job of guiding the player through-you begin gaining allies and squaring off with different enemy types, and this is where the simple gameplay really begins to shine.


Squaring off in a grid means advance planning is of the utmost importance, and you want to use your defensive units to protect your bruisers who can dispatch your more heavily armored opponents. Toss some ranged fighters of your own into the mix along with specialty combatants utilized to take out specific enemy types, and the potential for advanced, complex strategy never before seen in a The Behemoth title was readily apparent. Although you don’t control your fighters directly, the trademark fighting animations reminiscent of Castle Crashers ensure even those craving hyperbolic cartoon-gore will have their twisted desires sated!

The condescending narrator is amusing in much the same way the narrator was in Battleblock Theater, so depending upon your feelings for that title you may or may not be enthralled with his constant barrage of belittling remarks toward Pit People’s protagonist. There were a few visual gags similar to those seen in Castle Crashers as well. As I mentioned previously, although it was a bit difficult to hear, the music seemed to consist of similar catchy tunes you may find yourself humming after extended play sessions. Additionally, the player is provided a home which appears to be customizable, and the player is able to customize the look and stats of their various party members. BONUS: One of The Behemoth’s employees mentioned Castle Crashers is currently being re-mastered for Xbox One and PC, so fingers crossed that comes out sooner rather than later.


This Bro walked away thoroughly impressed by the gameplay, music, humor and art-direction of Pit People, and I cannot wait to see the completed title. Also, I was able to get my hands on a majority of the #Exclusives on my list during Preview Night of #SDCC2015. However, this Con is far from over and tomorrow is sure to be chock full of #NerdLife-inspired goodness. As such, I’ll catch up with you Bros tomorrow-wish me luck when it comes to grabbing those #Legos!


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