SDCC2015 Wrap up Day 1: Thursday


#SDCC Rule Number 1-MAKE SURE YOUR ALARM IS SET. Believe it or not Bros, I forgot to switch my alarm on after having so much fun catching y’all up on the days’ happenings. As such, I was unable to awake from my #Exclusive-induced slumber at an ungodly hour and get into line for camp for the few remaining #Exclusives I’ve yet to cross off my list. Needless to say I’ll be returning home without every Lego set for yet another year, but I’ve no one to blame but myself! Still, you can’t dwell on what you aren’t able to do at #SDCC, so after waking up late my crew and I decided to hit the Exhibition Hall floor.

After realizing the heavily trafficked booths’ lines were already capped for the morning, I swung by Thinkgeek and Peanuts to pick up the day’s #Exclusive pins. These tend to be tackled once we’ve already visited the booths of #SDCC’s “heavy hitters,” but due to the late start that’s all we were able to grab this morning. I did get some cool pics of the WB Booth and tried to convince the Iron Giant to pound it out, though.




Afterwards we were in need of some #BroFuel so we stopped for some early morning pizza. Once that was done I headed to pick up the Mattel #Halo #Exclusives I preordered, and needless to say these beauties did not disappoint in the slightest.

halo toys

Once I had my #Halo items in tow, we headed to the #Lego line to try our luck for the day’s #Exclusive minifig-Arsenal from CW’s Arrow. Frequents of the humble TruBros site know we’re big on Arrow, so you can imagine how giddy we were when we were able to walk away with this beauty.


Camping for #Legos tends to take up a fairly large part of our time at #SDCC because I’m such a big fan of them, so once we were able to get our hands on the day’s minifig we only had an hour before our first ever #NerdHQ #ConversationsForACause panel, so we decided to hit up the Xbox Lounge. The Xbox Lounge has various panels going on throughout the duration of #SDCC, as well as multiple titles available for gamers to play, such as Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Motorsport 6 and Guitar Hero Live. There’s also a replica arena of the “Breakout” arena from Halo 5 where gamers can square off in a game of “laser tag” using the dart guns we picked up from Mattel. Due to the limited time before our panel we were only able to grab an Xbox lanyard and snap a few pictures. I know we’ll have to do at least one game in the “Breakout Arena” before #SDCC2015 comes to an end.

WP_20150709_14_08_15_Pro xbox lanyard

After a stop for some more #BroFuel it was time to register at #NerdHQ and hop in line for our panel with the positively stunning Yvonne Strahovski. The setting for the #ConversationsForACause panel is quite intimate, as the room they’re held in seat around only 200 people. The small-room atmosphere coupled with Zachary Levi’s always amusing anecdotes made the hour feel as if it flew by, and the panel didn’t drag at all. As a fan of Yvonne’s work in Chuck and the Mass Effect series it was nice to get to see her field questions in such a relaxed setting, and I’m hyped at the prospect of attending my next #ConversationsForACause panel on Sunday.

Once the panel let out I camped for a few minutes since Yvonne was nice enough to participate in #SmilesForSmiles-a $20 donation to a great cause and a photo with one of my #NerdCrushes?! Sign this Bro up! #NerdHQ also has Star Wars Battlefront and Project Morpheus available to demo, but I had another task I had to tackle before the end of the night, so I wasn’t able to get any hands on time with these hot #Gaming commodities….yet.

nerd hq


Lego Dimensions is an upcoming release which looks pretty good if you’re into any of the Lego videogames. While not the most complex titles available, if you’re a fan of the license and don’t mind simplistic gameplay they can be rather enjoyable. Still, Lego Dimensions has a strong presence here at #SDCC2015, as they’ve plastered the exterior of the Hard Rock Hotel in graphics, have the title available to demo and have multiple statues scattered throughout the Convention. If you snap a selfie with each of the statues, there’s a chance you’ll be able to take one home. Given this Bro’s affinity for Legos, I had to hunt down each of the nine statues and post to Twitter ASAP. Before day 1 of #SDCC2015 came to a close my mission was accomplished.


Today was filled primarily with camping for the few things I really wanted, and truth be told if you’ve never undertaken the behemoth that is #SDCC that should be your first rule when you’re planning a day: Make a list of three things you really want to do and be prepared to plan your entire day around it. For me that’s chasin’ them #Lego #Exclusives, and while I wasn’t able to do so this morning I was still able to get my hands on the day’s awesome #Exclusive minifig. In just a few minutes I’m going to head out to the #NerdHQ party, then I’ll come back to the hotel, rest for a hot minute and then go into camping mode-those #Lego #Exclusives aren’t going to come my way without a significant time investment and a tremendous amount of luck-be sure to wish the odds are in your Bro’s favor! Until tomorrow, Bros!


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