GoRuck Kill That 5K recap


As frequenters of this blog are well-aware, we like to keep our content focused on all aspects of #NerdLife and #ConLife. However, this past Saturday your boy participated in an event so legit I thought it’d be a tremendous disservice to not provide a recap. Given that #SDCC2015 is on the horizon and that event entails a tremendous amount of walking (and sitting), this seems like an appropriate topic to discuss. Besides-living the #ConLife means you’re doing a lot of standing around and probably not eating too healthy, so fitness is something we should cover at least in passing. Without further ado, here’s a recap of the GoRuck Kill That 5K in Austin, TX which took place Saturday, 6/13/15.

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Another bit of knowledge frequenters of TruBros.com possess is the fact the Bros are big fans of GoRuck gear. Everything the company makes has a clean look, is durable and holds up to all the requirements the Brose have. We love storage but aren’t fans of bags covered in an obscene amount of MOLLE webbing, nor do we care for backpacks that are extremely large. I’ve wanted to participate in one of the company’s events for quite some time, and a non-competitive 5K was an event not only I could complete, but my family as well. GoRuck likes to say nobody rucks alone, and I wanted them to experience the feeling of accomplishment that accompanies completing a daunting task.

It was a hot day at MYLO Obstacle Fitness, but I showed up with the family in tow and a gentleman’s 20 pounds in my ruck.  The excitement in the air was palpable, and considering the recent announcement of #Fallout4 I decided to rep a bit of #NerdLife during my trek. As excited as I was to run, I knew for the most part I’d be walking my first 5K as certain members of my group weren’t able to complete the course at top speed. Still, the atmosphere of the event referenced finishing and doing it as a team, so not being able to push myself to my physical limits (because this Bro doesn’t leave any Bro behind) wasn’t an issue in the slightest.

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Since my hands were drenched in sweat during the event, I wasn’t able to get any pictures of the course. It consisted of primarily lush green surroundings, while the trail itself was scattered with frequent hills and alternated between dirt and rock. It wasn’t the most challenging walk I’ve ever done, although I suspect if I’d be carting around more weight it would’ve been much more exhausting. Most of my time was spent providing moral (and at times physical) support for my family, and I have to confess: seeing them cross the finish line made me more proud than when I actually crossed myself. They pushed themselves hard and didn’t give up even though they made it clear they wanted to: that’s #Brospect.

Throughout the course I encountered numerous sights which reinforced the team-oriented spirit of the event: I saw a Bro running with his dog in the beginning of the course and about a mile and a half in I saw him trying to pull the dog along, but that dog wasn’t having it. The dog lied down and wouldn’t budge despite the tugs on his leash from his owner. Later on in the course, I saw that Bro running with his dog draped happily over his shoulder-no Bro gets left behind. As my partner in crime and I approached the finish line, we slowed down to hear the words of encouragement a father was bestowing upon his daughter, who couldn’t have been over the age of eight and was positively beat: he told her he enjoyed doing events like this because it made him feel strong, and when she woke up the next morning she’d be sore, but she’d have that patch to remind her of all she’d accomplished. He told her it would feel fantastic to get in their truck and bask in the air conditioning, and sometimes you need to be reminded what it’s like to be without luxuries in order to truly appreciate them. He also stated if he wasn’t walking he’d be sitting, and that’s not how you live a healthy lifestyle. Even though she was exhausted, you could tell she was soaking up all the lessons he was teaching her. That’s family bonding at its finest.

A 5K is a 5K-you run for a bit and the biggest difference with GoRuck is you’re wearing a backpack with some weight in it. You’re still running (or walking) on a trail or concrete and the goal is to make it to the finish line. However, GoRuck places tremendous emphasis on the social aspect of the race, with every participant (of legal age) receiving one voucher for a free beer once they’ve completed the course. Once you plow through, you receive the ultimate badge of honor: a patch. You wear these bad boys with pride: you earned them, and there’s an undeniable allure of collecting them from all the events you were able to complete.

unnamed (10)

Once everything was said and done, we handed off our beer vouchers (too dang hot to drink) to some thirsty looking Bros, packed in the car and decided to hit the bricks. In the time leading up to the event, my family was bemoaning the fact they’d agreed to participate in such a physical event. This continued throughout the duration of the race, along with frequent apologies for slowing the group down. “All of this for a patch?” was a line I heard repeatedly from the more fatigued members in my party. The next morning I offered to give their patch to my Bro who wasn’t able to attend, and there was no way they were parting with it-they’d earned it, and it served as a tangible reminder of everything they were able to accomplish.

The GoRuck Kill That 5K this Bro participated in was a resounding success: I’ve got the patch to prove it. The morning after the run, my family told me they would continue training to be able to jog the next one, and perhaps with more weight (each of them only had minimal weight in their ruck). I may not have pulled in any #Exclusives or caught up on the latest happenings in all things #NerdLife, but I’d say it all worked out well for me and my crew. If you see a GoRuck event going on in your vicinity, I’d highly recommend checking it out. Keep hitting the gym to make sure you’re able to outlast the competition in the hunt of #Exclusives. Until next time, Bros!



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