#SmashBallot Wish List


The Bros have never been terribly big on fighting games but Super Smash Bros has always been the exception. It’s the one series which isn’t terribly difficult to pick-up and play (although it certainly has its nuances and intricacies) and boasts rosters where not only are a majority of those included instantly recognizable to all of us “gamers”, but they can be identified by those who only passingly familiar with video games. While we haven’t mastered every installment of the series we are big fans, and few initiatives have us as excited as the #SmashBallot promotion running through 10/3/2015. Details can be found at here

Essentially, you write in, suggest a character and hope they one-day became a permanent edition to the Super Smash Bros roster. An opportunity such as this allows gamers to dream one day they’ll get to see a character near and dear to them do battle with Nintendo’s most recognizable mascots.  Below are some of the characters both of the Bros are dying to see included in Smash Bros, and we’ll certainly have our fingers crossed regarding any announcement concerning new characters (BTW: hyped as hell for Lucas).

Sora – Kingdom Hearts


Although we’ve only played the two console entries in the series, Kingdom Hearts III is easily one of (if not the most) anticipated game on our radar. The gameplay blends the Disney and Square-Enix universes seamlessly while maintaining a unique blend of humor, fan service and action. The storylines of both games are tremendous, and truth be told the original Kingdom Hearts was a game we both bonded over back in the day. Sora is a high-profile character and for some inexplicable reason (well there are probably a plethora of reasons, but this is a wish list and those aren’t our concern) Square-Enix has not been represented in the Smash Bros series just yet-that can all change by including one of their most recognizable heroes.

The action in both Kingdom Hearts console entries was one of the reasons we were able to pour approximately 70 hours into both entries back on the PlayStation 2. While the story was undoubtedly compelling, the variety of Keyblade maneuvers coupled with the summoning of many of Disney’s most recognizable characters was one of those most intriguing experiences I’ve had the pleasure of playing through. Considering the many “big moves” available at your disposable and the multiple worlds contained in both games, coming up with signature moves, Final Smashes and stages for Sora doesn’t seem like a perplexing task.

Geno – Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars


Let me preface this entry with a statement: Super Mario RPG is my favorite game I’ve ever played. While I certainly believe this title is comprised of characters that could hold their own against the likes of Mario and Link, Geno is perhaps the most unique character who would fit most naturally in the Smash Bros landscape. Not only does he boast a distinct look and a unique skillset, but he’d be paying homage to what (I feel) is one of the most criminally underrated games in Nintendo’s vast library.

Each of the characters in Super Mario RPG possesses an arsenal of special moves and Geno’s Beam is one which practically begs to be his Final Smash. His speed and weaponry make him a character which could be fantastic ranged combatant and the unique locales visited in the game could serve as an interesting backdrop for those fighters in Super Smash Bros to do battle in. Besides-who wouldn’t love a taunt in which he turns into a doll?

Shovel Knight- Shovel Knight


One of the most entertaining aspects of the Smash Bros series is how it showcases the annals of Nintendo’s illustrious history with equal parts fan-service and stellar gameplay. Shovel Knight is a game which feels like a modern classic: the aesthetics are decidedly retro and the gameplay is infused with enough modern touches to not only make the title feel familiar, but new. The game plays like a modern take on side-scrolling classics and the humor and heart all displayed by the protagonist instantly endeared the character to all who picked the title up.

With his character-defining weaponry, Shovel Knight could be one of the most compelling entries on the Smash Bros roster. The bevy of abilities afforded by his multiple armors and shovels ensure the character won’t be strictly a one-trick pony and would afford the creators some leeway when developing his Final Smash attack. Although I didn’t find any of the levels particularly memorable (well-designed but no locales immediately jump to mind as noteworthy when composing this post), the stellar soundtrack contains many songs  and it would only be a matter of time until the Smash Bros faithful would be humming along to them.

Sephiroth-Final Fantasy VII


The Final Fantasy series has produced numerous memorable characters, but perhaps none are more notorious than Sephiroth. Easily one of the most intimidating figures in gaming, Sephiroth was downright born and bred to eventually show up in a fighting series. His character’s backstory (super-soldier hell-bent on taking over the world) is simple, he’s one of the most recognizable villains ever crafted for a video game and his trusty Masamune (See: BIG ASS SWORD) is nearly as famous as the character. Also, the fact Square-Enix (I know this is a Square-heavy list) has yet to be represented in the Smash Bros series is an injustice to all gamers!

Sephiroth is a character, whom even if you’re unfamiliar with, you can gleam how effective he’d be in a fight simply based off of his appearance. He’s big, lean and carries one hell of a sword-the guy’s look speaks for itself. He’d fit right in as one of the “power” characters in Smash Bros, although the developers could easily craft him as someone quick and efficient. Regardless, this guy needs to be able to toss Jigglypuff, Donkey Kong and King Dedede around like they’re nothing-gamers deserve that.

Professor Layton – Professor Layton Series


Professor Layton is a timeless series and its namesake protagonist has quite a bit going for him when it comes into the realm of fisticuffs: Not only he is always the smartest person in the room, but he’s a snappy dresser and knows his way around a sword. Considering he works with a wealth of tools and has encountered numerous mysterious objects in his journeys, he has the potential to wield a wonderfully unique arsenal. He wouldn’t be the most obscure addition the Smash Bros series has seen, but he certainly carries the potential to be one of the most creative.

The art style of the series simply begs to serve as a gorgeous stage in Smash Bros. There are countless backdrops to choose from and each could feel as if they were ripped straight from a scene in one of his games, which would serve as an immersive addition to the Smash Bros stages. Finally, his slot machine gun fits perfectly as his Final Smash: It’d demonstrate even the most sophisticated character in the series came to throw down.

These are just some of the characters we’d like to eventually see in Super Smash Bros, and we know you’ve got a list of your own running in your head. Feel free to share it with the Bros and the rest of the world below in the comments. Until next time, Bros!


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