ConLove: Why we’re all about #ConLife


With each passing day #SDCC2015 draws nearer, and with it the advent of the most wonderful time of the year: con-season! Depending upon where your allegiances (see: fandoms and interests) lie, the beginning of this particular season may start at varying points throughout the year. While our first Con of 2015 was the inaugural PAX South, we consider the summer to be prime-time con-season. Multiple posts on this site illustrate the reverence the Bros hold towards various Cons, but it occurred to me I’ve never explained why we adore them so much. Considering enjoyment is a purely subjective matter (as many things are), I thought it best to compile a small list explaining why both of the Bros are all about livin’ that #ConLife.

  • The Floor

Every con we’ve been to has a “main floor” where multiple vendors and companies showcase their goods. For both of us, the floor is really the main event of the Con-it’s where you’ll hunt down #Exclusives, scope out awesome (and not-so-awesome, but big ups to you for trying) cosplayers, spend a majority of your time, interact with different companies and retailers-the list is essentially endless. There’s a reason I consider #SDCC to be the end-all, be-all of cons: while there’s undoubtedly a great feeling associated with being in Hall H for the panel of one of your favorite shows, the convention center floor is unparalleled. There’s so much to see you could spend a full day walking the floor and still not get to experience everything the floor has to offer. That’s a wonderful thing when you’re living the #NerdLife. We’re not going to lie-we haven’t been to every con there is to hit up yet, but the floor is where you’re going to spend most of your time and if it’s not interesting, odds are the Con isn’t going to be completely “tops blooby.”

  • Exclusives
Best. Minifig. Ever. #SDCC2014
Best. Minifig. Ever. #SDCC2014
#SDCC2014 pin set
#SDCC2014 pin set

This wouldn’t be a TruBros post if we didn’t mention #Exclusives. While I enjoy basking in the overall atmosphere of a Con (more on that later), the man APNote is all about chasin’ the #Exclusives. At PAX South he waited approximately 2 hours to grab those #Exclusive pins-I joined him about an hour in since a TruBro never leaves another Bro hanging, but we’re talking about pins here. That’s dedication. Considering most of the #Exclusive retailer-Amiibos we have are due to APNote’s diligence in the chase, you can bet con-exclusives are a big allure for APNote. Sure, it’s just a marketing ploy used to get us to drop our hard-earned dollars on toys and other merchandise which serves little purpose besides sitting on our shelf, but we enjoy it. ONE day I’ll get my hands on #SDCC exclusive Lego sets, but until then I’ll have to be satisfied with much of the other cool stuff we’ve been fortunate enough to snag. Still, it’s undeniable and obvious the draw of #Exclusives are big for the Bros.

  • Panels
The Bros with AVGN and Mike #SGC2014
The Bros with AVGN and Mike
You haven't done #SDCC until you've been in Hall H
You haven’t done #SDCC until you’ve been in Hall H

There’s a reason you see people waiting overnight to be in Hall H at #SDCC. There’s a unique feeling attending a panel of a company, movie or show you’ve a deep affinity for. Perhaps it’s the feeling of exclusivity (which is assuredly a draw for the Hall H crowd), the behind-the-scenes look at the intricacies of the production process or the sheer entertainment derived from getting to see some of your favorite actors speak. Panels provide a unique (and at times unfiltered) opportunity for interaction with the people behind some of your favorite shows, films and video games. Sometimes you attend a panel simply because there’s not much on your schedule and you end up getting introduced to some interesting new personalities, sometimes you attend and end up leaving early because you think it’s wasting your precious con-time; while there’s never a guarantee you’re going to love a particular panel, if you attend one based on something you enjoy immensely, odds are you’re going to stroll out of the room content.

  • Cosplay
Scope the awesome Moxxi cosplay who was kind enough to pose for a pic at #PAXSouth2015
Scope the awesome Moxxi cosplay who was kind enough to pose for a pic at #PAXSouth2015
Cosplay was strong at #PAXSouth2015
Cosplay was strong at #PAXSouth2015

The Bros don’t cosplay. It’s not because we don’t want to-believe me, I’ve spent many weeks planning my initial attempt at cosplay, I just haven’t got around to actually crafting the costume. It’s a task which requires a great deal of care and effort, and as you can imagine I’ve got comics to read and games to play. That being said, those who do cosplay are essential to living a fun and exciting #ConLife and are contributing immensely to the #ConLife of those they’re kind enough to take pictures with. There are few things as fun as seeing people dressed up as some of your favorite characters-it’s like Halloween for Nerds! When you can see the time, effort and skill someone put into crafting the perfect costume-you see their outfit and it appears as if it was ripped straight from the screen-and you can’t help but go up to them and ask for a picture, you know you’re surrounded by people who are all about living that #NerdLife and hold their fandoms in high esteem.

  • Atmosphere
The kind of awesome thing you can only do when you're livin' the #ConLife
The kind of awesome thing you can only do when you’re livin’ the #ConLife

Granted each of the aforementioned comprise the overall atmosphere, when it comes to a convention the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  Roaming around a convention center floor, perusing (and camping for) the various #Exclusives while multiple sounds of #NerdLife  permeate your conscious, walking by people adorned in Hollywood-caliber costumes they created simply because they love the subject matter, attending panels featuring the game you can’t wait to be released or the show you plan your entire weekend around, all the while you’re surrounded by people wanting to immerse themselves in a culture that’s both supportive and judgment free. It’s a great experience, and while #ConLife is not without its drawbacks it’s an experience we can’t get enough of.

What it's all about
What it’s all about

I equate it with opting to immerse yourself in the “Disney-bubble” while visiting one of the Disney-parks, although I should confess I’ve yet to attend one of these (I will this year, however. Pictures will be posted, naturally). It’s an atmosphere that’s conducive to and encourages you to immerse yourself in your favorite things. You’re fully expected to get your #Nerd on, dress up and buy toys-it’s almost as if it’s Disneyland for those who live the #NerdLife! It may not be perfect and it sure can get pricey, but we’re all about living the #ConLife and these are just a few of our favorite things. Until next time, Bros!


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