WWE Monday Night Raw 4/6/15


Like many Bros of a certain age, the Bros were into Professional Wrestling hard a good fifteen years ago. We fell out of the loop for a litany of reasons, but approximately two years ago APnote took me to a pay-per-view for TNA. He got us ringside seats because two of my favorites from back in the day (Sting and Kurt Angle) were appearing and it was an exciting event. Since then, he’s sporadically kept up with all happenings within the world of the squared circle, while admittedly your Bro hasn’t done the same.

If you noticed all the fantastic pics on our Instagram from Wrestlemania 31, you’ll know APnote was in attendance. While I’ve done my best to keep up with the happenings in WWE, with so much #NerdLife to experience it’s a bit difficult. Nevertheless, when Monday Night Raw rolled in to town last night (Considering the Bros’ birthdays both occurred over the past two weeks) I thought it best for us to hit it up and see if the live-experience captured that good ol’ rasslin’ magic we both experienced watching Wrestlemania 31.

Bday gift from APnote. Your boy is now Mr. Money in the Bank!

Prior to doors opening the rasslin’ faithful were able to take pictures with an authentic replica of the WWE belt (The Bros needed food and didn’t want to want in the lengthy line. Besides, we’ve got to let the children have something, right?) and purchase assorted merchandise. Fortunately, APnote had picked up all the gear we’d both need during his trek to Wrestlemania, so after grabbing some #BroFuel at local food truck Svante’s Stuffed Burgers we decided to find our seats.

Our seats weren’t spectacular due to my picking up the tickets quite late in the game (I confess, I was slacking). So while the view might not have been the best, The Bros were still able to revel in the electric sports entertainment atmosphere. Approximately thirty minutes before air time, a couple matches were recorded for the WWE Network exclusive Superstars, which I didn’t even know was a thing. I won’t provide any results in case you’re a fan and want to avoid spoilers, but they featured R-Truth (Everybody seems to love the “What’s up!” chant), Jack Swagger (Because ‘Merica), Adam Rose and Curtis Axel.  Some quick matches got the crowd pumped for the awesome which was sure to follow.

Finally, the Bros have COME BACK to WWE
Finally, the Bros have COME BACK to WWE

I won’t go into a definitive match-by-match analysis; that’s not the Bros’ place. What I will tell you is the event was exciting and eventually the crowd got into it, making the atmosphere all the more enjoyable. Considering Wrestlemania next year will be in the Bros’ home state of Texas, you can bet we’ll be purchasing tickets the day they go on sale. While we didn’t get to see the two performers we were really hoping for (Daniel Bryan and Dean Ambrose) we got a great night of good ol’ fashioned fun.  There were some solid matches which would’ve appeased the rasslin’ faithful , and some enjoyable spots which would’ve enticed the casual fan (Looking at you, Lucha Dragons). I’ll leave with you a few of the pictures we snapped from our high-in-the-sky seats, and we’ll catch you next time!

WP_20150406_005 WP_20150406_006 WP_20150406_011



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