#BroThoughts: The Walking Dead Season 5 Finale


Like many of my fellow Dead-heads I waited for last night’s season finale with a potent mixture of anticipation and anxiety brewing in the pit of my stomach. Before I delve into whether or not I was utterly heartbroken or completely relieved, let me just state: THIS POST WILL HAVE SPOILERS FROM THE SEASON FIVE FINALE OF THE WALKING DEAD so please, if you haven’t watched yet (and are planning to) quit reading now. Now that we’ve got the disclaimer out of the way, allow me to hit you with the #BroThoughts on the season finale of everyone’s favorite zombie show.

Like millions of others I’ve a deep affinity for The Walking Dead television and comic series. In past posts I’ve illustrated my skepticism towards the narrative of the television show- the inability to develop characters, the questionable plot devices and a litany of other issues-but I’m hooked on this show for a reason. Sure, it has its ups and downs like any other television show, but when the writing and acting is on top of its game the #Ricktatorship has few equals. Last night was a perfect example of this, as multiple narratives were advanced and (for what feels like the first time in months!) none of our heroes were sent into the great beyond. Suffice it to say, all the apprehension I’d expressed earlier has dissipated and I cannot wait to see what lies in store.

Words of wisdom

For this Bro, the absolute worst storyline the television series portrayed was Rick when he was “losing it.”  This is an absolute travesty when juxtaposed with this arc from the comics as it provided valuable insight into the character and built his relationship with Michonne. Needless to say, after the end of last week’s episode I was served up another prime example of the television series’ writers illustrating they do not fully “get” the character of Rick Grimes. He should be everything his family stated he was during the meeting with the Alexandria folk, and for the most part he is. What’s unfortunate is how frequently they portray Rick as being unhinged, as it makes the idea of the #Ricktatorship seem like a bad idea. Why follow someone who’s completely off their rocker?

Michonne once said “My shit never stopped being together” and that’s a quote I believe should always be Rick, and for the most part it does. Still, I believe we could all deal without the occasional “psycho” moment, as it does little besides throw the sanity of our beloved leader into question. Nevertheless, while the last episode’s ending made me roll my eyes, the finale presented Rick as a much more levelheaded leader. He was not apologetic for everything that transpired, as his speech in the end showed he was acting in the interest of collective safety. For all the confidence he showed when he was meeting with Glenn, Abraham and Carol discussing how they could utilize force to convey their point effectively, Rick still had moments where he showed just how much stock he puts in his family; his admission of the plan to Michonne and looking to Carol before drawing his gun during the meeting show that while decisions may ultimately be Rick’s, he trusts those he travels with implicitly.

Hugs for no one dying in the finale!
Hugs for no one dying in the finale!

Speaking of loving your Bros, was there a better moment than the ending where Morgan finally sees Rick?! Nothing like Bros being reunited. Morgan is a powerhouse character with tremendous storytelling potential, and if we’re lucky he’ll become part of the #Ricktatorship for a long time. While I’m still not convinced Gimple and Co.’s penchant for offing characters as a means to advance the narrative has dispelled, this finale did quite a bit to reinforce Rick’s leadership, remind the viewers (and Alexandria folk) the Survivors are a family and created set up storylines which house quite a bit of potential. While I (like so many) would still kill many walkers to become a writer on the show, it’s obvious the show is in good hands.

We’ll wait for what feels like years to see how Morgan became a ninja, whether the snake-in-the-grass Father Gabriel has finally found all his marbles, if Sasha has begun to come to terms with everything she’s endured, whether Rick (or someone else) gives Nicholas his comeuppance, what the wolves will do since they (presumably) now know where the Alexandria Safe Zone is….but it will be worth it. Before this Bro bids his fellow Dead-heads adieu until The Grandaddy of All Cons #SDCC2015, I leave you with one question: Did Deanna concede power to Rick at the end of the episode?

Rick didn’t need to kill anyone to save Alexandria…except that jerk Pete
Rick didn’t need to kill anyone to save Alexandria…except that jerk Pete

One could certainly argue that Deanna-a powerful, intelligent woman who had been trying to make sense of the impossible-was merely grief-stricken at losing the love of her life, so her telling Rick to “Do it” could have originated from a place of tremendous pain. Although, Rick’s incredible speech during the meeting could have struck a chord with her. The death of her husband may have been the moment she realized she was ill-equipped to deal with the harsh reality her community has been faced with.  Nevertheless, it’s an interesting narrative wrinkle to be explored during next season. Here’s hoping for the best!


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